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WR10K 2016: Manchester Report

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  April 7, 2021

Women’s Running 10K Race Series 2016: Manchester Report

WR10K 2016 Manchester Report

We couldn’t have wished for a better morning for our WR10K debut in Manchester. The weather was glorious, the ladies of Manchester were in brilliant form and the course looked as stunning as we’d hoped.

Steeped in history, Wythenshawe Park boasts three Grade II Listed Buildings within beautiful woodland, offering runners a truly picturesque setting for the 5K and 10K races. Runners could also try their hand at running on the track, with the start and finish located on Wythenshawe’s popular athletics track.

The event kicked off with a series of on-stage interviews. Runners heard from 50-minute pacer Anna Neufeld, who quickly reassured any nervous runners as she shared her pacing advice and tactics. Next we heard from Alison Coward, founder of UK Parenting and Lifestyle Blog Anniebobs, who also settled the nerves of any beginners taking part, as she revealed that she also was running her first 10K.

WR10K 2016 Manchester report

Leah Reddy, fitness instructor from Total Fitness Altrincham, was then up on the stage to kick off the warm-up, and the women were soon into the swing of things as she ramped up the music. It wasn’t long after that the women were lining up on the track – watches set and ready to go.

First through the finish tunnel in the 5K was Jenny Ledsham in 22mins 55secs. She said, “I was really surprised to win. I didn’t really know I was winning until I was running up to the finish line and they said, ‘first 5K finisher!’ It was a really nice race. The venue was good and there was a nice mix of terrain because you go off through the woods so it’s like a trail run as well.”

WR10K Manchester Report

Very soon after the first 5K finishers were through, 10K runner Sophie Crumly came flying through the finisher’s tunnel in 39mins 17secs – a record for our Race Series this year. Sophie, 26, from Reading, who has been running for 15 years, was visiting a friend in the area and decided to give the race a go as part of her visit. “It was good, it was nice and flat but tough because there’s lots of muddy bits and off road! But overall, a nice one and a nice park to run in.”

WR10K 2016 Manchester Report

Olivia Neocleous, 24, from Essex, was second home in our 10K in 45mins 54secs. “I’ve never come top three before and I was worried when no one was in front of me and no one behind me, but I came to the finish and everyone was shouting third – it was such a good feeling!”

Close behind her was Franciska De Fries in 46mins 3secs. A former mountain biker, Franciska has only recently got into running and has spent a lot of time training with her two-year-old. “I mostly do 5Ks and 10Ks and spend a lot of time running with the buggy and my son.”

WR10K 2016 Manchester Report

Another running newcomer taking part was 78-year-old Barbara Thackray from Altrincham, who only started running last year. “It was a wonderful race, a bit hotter than any race I have ran before. I was a bit worried I would get lost as I was at the back but it was wonderfully marshalled.

“I started when I was 77 by doing the Trafford 10K for St Anne’s hospice, where my sister died. So I’ve done that twice and this is my third 10K.”

WR10K Manchester report

From speed demons in there 20s to the likes of Barbara in her late 70s, the race saw a real cross-section of runners taking part, some seasoned runners and some taking part in their very first race.

A big thank you to our sponsors, HOKA, Solgar, BUFF and Saka Water for their brilliant support and for supplying such an excellence array of goodies, samples and prizes for our Manchester race this year.

Get the Manchester race results here. You can view the event photos on the Women’s Running Facebook page here.

Fancy joining us again this year? We still have two races left! Check them out and sign up here.

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