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WR10K 2016: Glasgow Report

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  April 7, 2021

Women’s Running 10K Race Series 2016: Glasgow Report

(words: Tina Chantrey)

WR10K Glasgow 2016

The ladies of Glasgow ensured that this year’s Women’s Running 10K, set in the serene and beautiful Strathclyde Country Park, was an even greater success than last year. The weather was just about perfect; with the sun staying behind the clouds ensuring temperatures didn’t soar into the high 20s. There were many more taking part in the 5K and 10K compared with last year’s race, and they bought along a bonny set of supporters. The runners were ready to set off after PT Julie Mcfall warmed up the runners, with a great combination of yoga and dynamic stretches that got everyone in the mood.

Right on time, the runners set off along the shore of the loch and, before long, the faster women began to return to the start area as they began their first full loop of the water for the 10K. Then the first ladies in the 5K were home, led in by 13-year-old Ellis Hudson, who had been well paced by her mum, Justine (who finished in second) to take the win. Third in for the shorter race was Natalia Kohurt, a relative newcomer to running. Theirs was just the start of many impressive finishes, by all runners; there were PBs throughout the field due to the fast, flat course, with the majority of women clocking their best times as they crossed the finish line.

WR10K 2016 Glasgow 5K winners

Mum and daughter take home first and second place in the 5K

As the field continued to stream back through the start area, Lisa Noble was the first woman in for the 10K. “I loved this race!” she panted, catching her breath and beaming with her win. “It was really easy to get to, it was very relaxed and there was no pressure. The support was great all along the route, and the views were stunning. It’s so lovely to run in a woman-only race, too. I’ll be back next year!”

Second in the 10K was Louise Potter from Victoria Park Club in Glasgow. “It’s great to run with just women, and such a different experience!” she said. “Everyone seemed so happy to be here and, even though it was quite a narrow start, there was no barging. All the runners were so polite and the atmosphere was lovely.”

Third-placed Heather Eccles returned to the park eight years after she did her first jog there. “Back then I couldn’t run,” she said. “I was terrified of running all those years ago. It was amazing for me to come back to such a positive, well-organised and friendly race, and to be able to attack this distance and finish third. I am so chuffed. I really loved the race, though it was hard to run towards the front, as there weren’t any other runners to stick to. It’s been a fantastic experience for me.”

WR10K Glasgow winners

WR10K winners

Julie Creffield, the founder of Too Fat To Run, and a Women’s Running 10K ambassador, also took part in the 10K, joined by other women from her running community. “This is a lovely route to enjoy,” she said. “It was such a friendly female-only crowd, and the race felt relaxed and intimate. I’m so proud of my runners who took on this distance – and well done to all the runners today.”


The Too Fat To Run ladies were out in force!

It was a real family affair for many of the runners, with many coming in with hands linked as they achieved long dreamt of goals. Mums and daughters as well as sisters had travelled from all-over Scotland to take part in the Glasgow race, and their glowing faces to other family members reflected the joy they felt at achieving a personal goal.

The marshals provided incredible support for all runners, and helped make the day such a great success for all competitors. This has to be one of Women’s Running’s most popular, and the people of Glasgow ensured it was, without doubt, one of the friendliest.

As ever, a big thank you to the WR10K partners this year: HOKA, Solgar, BUFF and Saka Water for supplying prizes, and for helping us to make the event such a success.

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