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WR10K 2014 – Milton Keynes Report

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  April 7, 2021

It is it just us, or does each and every 10K in the Women’s Running Race Series get more inspirational and fun each and every time?

Over 300 determined women joined us to race two laps around the beautiful South Willen Lake in Milton Keynes and our top three podium winners certainly proved that even if you don’t have much running experience, with a bit of training you can fly.

Georgina Rawle, a sports and exercise science graduate from loughborough University, came first in 40:26 and even though she has been running since university for five years, it was her very first 10K!  Her advice is to pace yourself and sprint at the end.

‘Try and leave a little bit of energy to have a little bit of a sprint finish at the end’, she said.

And despite signing up on the day Chantal Pervical took 2nd place comfortably in 42:19.

‘It’s not my first 10K but this is a really great one with the pace makers and it’s so well organised. It’s a really great atmosphere and I really enjoyed it.’

Chantal’s top tip for running a 10K? ‘Pace yourself, it really is the key, just don’t start off too fast, keep quite a bit back for the end and smash it!’

Lauren Church then stormed to third place in 43:04 on only her second 10K attempt.  Her advice is to try to find someone else to run with to give you the motivation and encouragement to achieve your goals.

Liz Parker, a 68-year-old breast cancer survivor, said she took up running to keep up with her three sons and hired a running coach to pace her and make sure that she didn’t get injured.

‘This was my first 10K. I probably want to get my times quicker than 1:33. I’m clearly not built for speed but I’d like to be a bit quicker. I had breast cancer but I’m also asthmatic so I have to run within the parameters of that.’

Her one top tip is to run a 10K at least twice before you race.

‘You don’t know how long it is until you do it – the first one was agonising when I did it,’; she said.

And as usual, the effervescent Emma Jenkinson, entertaining and motivational event presenter, spun her tunes and boomed brilliant encouragement to our runners as they hurtled around the course.



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