We take a first look at the Inov-8 Terraultra G 270  - Women's Running

We take a first look at the Inov-8 Terraultra G 270 

Author: Esther Newman

Read Time:   |  July 16, 2020

They say “The best trail shoe just got better”  

The Inov-8 Terraultra G 270 launches today, and we’ve been lucky enough to have a first run in it. 


So what’s the difference in this new beauty compared with 2018’s Terraultra G 260? Simple answer: lots! 


This cheery little number is designed for long distance running and ultramarathons. inov-8 garnered feedback from athletes around the world who wore the 260 and have made several incremental changes which it says will deliver a big improvement on performance.  

New Shoe Review


Inov-8 have improved its use of Graphene-Grip rubber for traction. It has redesigned the outsole and moved the placement of the studs so there is more coverage in key areas, enhancing grip, underfoot protection and durability. Improved flex grooves in the forefoot aid agility allow the shoe to mould to rocky terrain. 


Graphene gives an incredible grip - insane sticky traction and increased durability, with no compromise.  



New Powerflow Max foam cushioning gives 20% extra energy return than its predecessor and keeps its optimum thickness for double the lifetime. Bascially, you get significantly better energy for much longer and you’ll be better propelled through the gait cycle. The shoe remains zero-drop while the stack height has been increased by 33% (from 9mm to 12mm) to add to the feeling of a much plusher ride. 


The new Boomerang insole delivers 40% more energy return than the previous insole, plus more cushioning. As the foot strikes the ground the foam structure retains more energy than ever before. It then releases that energy to propel you forwards with increased speed and bounce. Like the new foam midsole, it has been tested to go the distance and retain its powers for longer. 

Terraultra G 270 Green Black Sole


Adapterfit technology gives, as the name suggests, adaptable fit, allowing your shoe to work with your foot as you react to uneven terrain. Improved materials give more protection and durability, especially around the edge of the forefoot, plus a smoother feel on the inner. 


The wide toe-box aids comfort, especially when feet swell on long runs, while a new lightweight tongue shapes to the foot gives a more locked-in, extra comfortable fit.  


What did we think? 

Inov-8 are right: this is a very comfortable ride. We rely on inov-8 to deliver shoes that offer no compromise out on the trails, and the new iteration of the Terraultra – on first run – delivers everything you’d want in spades: the comfort, the traction, and the responsiveness are finely balanced in this marathon shoe. Full review to come both here and in the mag – keep your eyes peeled! 

New shoe review

Cost & details 

Price: £145 

Launches: 16 July  

Find out more: www.inov-8.comand www.inov-8.com/terraultra-g-270 

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