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Changing your mindset to reach your fitness goals

Read Time:   |  January 23, 2019

Changing your mindset to reach your 2019 fitness goals

Life can be relentless and many of us are experts at spinning plates. We’re also highly effective at finding reasons why we can’t put ourselves first, largely because it makes us feel selfish. This is the first barrier to overcome if you want to smash your fitness goals this year. Putting yourself front and centre and carving out the time to commit to your training is not only brilliant for you, it also has the potential to benefit your nearest and dearest if you’re feeling happy with yourself. Once you have prioritised YOU, follow these tips to help with your success.

Know Why

When the chips are down, knowing why you want to get fit is key. If your reason why isn’t compelling enough, it’s tempting to stay warm in bed on a freezing cold, dark morning rather than drag yourself out for a run. If your Why is strongly linked to emotions, like being a role model for your children or living longer so that you can be there for your family, it will give you the strength to push towards your goals when your things seem hopeless. Connecting with your Why is the first step in helping you to find the oomph to keep going.

Break Down the Goal

If your goal is to run a marathon, it can feel like an enormous mountain to climb, particularly if you are new to fitness. Breaking down your goal into bite-sized chunks, such as a 5k followed by a 10k, will make it feel more achievable and will give you an excuse to grab your pom poms and celebrate your achievements along the way. Make a visual chart for your monthly mileage and mark off the miles as you complete them. Visual management of goals is incredibly powerful for motivation.

Act As If

If you want to be able to cycle the British coastline then you must be able to imagine that you can. Visualising yourself fulfilling your goals is immensely effective, as our brains struggle to tell the difference between something that happens in reality and something that is imagined with emotional intensity. The premise of acting as if you have already achieved your goals will make it more likely you will.

Get out of Bed

The minute you hear the alarm, jump out of bed. If you give yourself time to think you’ll find yourself scrolling through social media and wasting the precious time you could be spending training. Put your alarm clock outside your bedroom, get your training kit ready the night before, get up, get dressed and get on with it.

Fill your Head with Positive Patter

Before, during and after your sessions, talk to yourself in a positive way. Tell yourself repeatedly that you are succeeding and use positive affirmations such as ‘I can do this’ and ‘I am smashing it’ to keep you focussed. Listen to positive self-help audio books whilst you run and develop your own mantra to repeat over and over. My favourite is ‘I can and I am’.

One thing is for sure, if you believe it to be so, it will be so. Keep focused, believe and make it happen.

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