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Women’s Running Plus partners with Running Reborn

Author: Verity Travers

We’re here to help you improve your running which is why we have partnered with Running Reborn to bring our Women’s Running Plus members this amazing course for less.

Running Reborn is the brainchild of Shane Benzie, a running coach extraordinare and published author who has coached the likes of Sophie Power, Nicky Spinks and Jasmin Paris, as well as over 3,000 runners from beginners to elites. He took his inspiration from studying human movement in Africa and aims to bring that fluidity and effortless movement to runners everywhere.

His coaching site runningreborn.com inspires runners of all abilities to go outside and video themselves running and then use the online videos and accompanying information to understand what they do well and what they can work on to create beautiful movement.

The site is designed to allow you to take ownership of your movement and treat running as a movement skill, to eventually become your own coach.

The coaching site is also a great way to keep up with new information on all things running through, podcasts, webinars, articles and films.

Shane has kindly agreed to give all of our Plus members a 20% discount on the annual membership which makes it just £24 for the year for access to +30 coaching technique videos, which explain the technique step-by-step in stages, so you can build your expertise, elasticity and enjoy your running.

If you become a member today you will pay just £2.99 every month for the Women’s Running magazine to be delivered to your door every month in recyclable paper wrap, unlimited access to our digital magazine archive, 10% off all magazines, plus loads of member only discounts from our carefully selected partners such as Running reborn.


Verity Travers

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