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A treadmill that takes you to exotic places

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  October 8, 2014

I love the freedom of the great outdoors but I also use the treadmill on a regular basis. Treadmills are great for speed work and long hill sessions when I am preparing for mountain running. Yet despite being very popular in gyms, treadmills don’t receive the respect they deserve. They usually get positioned against a wall in front of mirrors or a TV screen. Running Unlimited is about to shake things up.


Zone Dome 2
Running Unlimited is upgrading the indoor running experience with its new Zone Dome. Easy to integrate with any treadmill or cardio equipment, The Zone Dome uses state of the art surround vision technology to immerse you in a beautiful HD film while you run. The wide variety of films covers everything from the mountains and lakes of New Zealand, the beaches of the Pacific, the plains of Africa and even some of the European capitals.

When I tried it, I liked the fact that films were shot in real time at different speeds. This meant that I could match my treadmill speed with the speed of the film. The unique dome shape screen submerges you into your surroundings while you run. The detail of the films made it very realistic. While I was running there was a fallen tree stump in the road and I found myself assessing whether I was going to jump over it or run around it. As I approached it, the film guided me to run around it. On the beach I ran past a person walking a dog with cooling waves and blistering sun… though I was still on the treadmill I was never tempted to look down and wish I could hit the stop button. This treadmill took me to the most beautiful surroundings. I just didn’t want to press stop.

The Zone Dome is available in a limited number of gyms at present but you can find it in the following:

The Chelsea Club, London SW6
Total Fitness, Wilmslow
Life Leisure, Stockport
Old Thorns Manor Hotel Golf & Country Estate, Hampshire
Basingstoke Sports Centre (owned and operated by the Basingstoke Sports Trust)
Edgbaston Priory, Birmingham

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