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Why Spinning Is Good For Runners

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Read Time:   |  November 24, 2016

Why Spinning Is Good For Runners

It works key muscles used for running

Spinning increases endurance in your lower body, including your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and the muscles around your ankles. Your upper body will also get a workout, particularly your back and arms. Contract your stomach muscles to work your core area, and your Spinning position will be even more effective while also strengthening your mid-section, both of which are important for an efficient running technique.

It will improve your V02 max – with less risk of injury

Spinning is a tough workout that will boost the efficiency of your heart and lungs, while giving your ankles, knees and hips a rest from your weekly running regime. It allows you to push yourself and maintain a high-exercise intensity, without the fear of losing your form or balance. As your upper body is relatively static while Spinning, you may not be able to get your heart rate quite as high as when you are running. However, you’ll probably be able to maintain a relatively high heart rate for longer while Spinning (in a seated position) than you can while running.

It will keep you going back for more!

With cardio exercise, if you enjoy it you’ll push yourself harder and get better results, including improved stamina. Spinning appears to be quite addictive, and those who give it a try soon throw themselves into classes and work very hard. It has the edge over some other cardio training, because Spinning instructors are great at motivating people to achieve results they might not gain if training by themselves.

Getting started

Where will I find a class?

Most gyms have Spinning classes running at different times throughout the day. If you are a member of a gym, these are likely to be free of charge but, if you are not a gym member, in some cases, you are still able to attend classes and simply pay an individual fee for the class. Ensure you sign up in advance, though, as classes can fill up quickly.

Can I attend any class as a first timer?

Most classes are aimed at all levels of experience, as you can adjust the resistance on the bike – and therefore your effort levels – according to your own level of ability. Inquire at your gym reception beforehand.

How regularly should I go to a Spinning class to get the best results?

This depends on your running schedule, although once a week should be enough, at first, to help boost your running stamina.

Will Spinning make my legs stiff for running and, if so, how can I prevent this?

There’s no reason why Spinning should make your legs stiff if you warm up first, start gradually and include a cool-down and graduated stretches after your session. If you’re used to exercising in an upright position when running, Spinning could make your lower back feel a little stiff. If this is the case for you, make sure you include a couple of stretches for this area after every class.

Roughly how many calories does Spinning burn?

Around 400-600 in a 45-minute class, depending on your weight and how hard you push yourself.

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