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Running on holiday

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Read Time:   |  July 8, 2015

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In a recent poll, 74% of you told us that you love to go running on holiday, and we certainly know why. One of the only opportunities you get all year to spend time to yourself without the pressures of work and day-to-day domestic life getting in the way, your summer holiday is the perfect time to get out training. And when you’re morning run is followed up with an afternoon of sunbathing and an evening of tapas and sangria, there really is no excuse.  Here’s five top tips for running on holiday with time for sunbathing, sightseeing and afternoon siestas!

Yes, you may have ten hours a day you don’t usually have at your disposal when you’re working and commuting, but holidays are meant for kicking back a bit and
getting some much-needed R&R. “Plan two to three runs per week at the very most – and makethem short as you’re more likely to do them,” says personal trainer Shelley Baker.


“Anyone with a compatible GPS device can upload to Strava via our free apps for iPhone and Android phones and GPS devices such as Garmins,” says Gareth
Nettleton, Strava’s director of international marketing. “Strava Route Builder shows members in new countries where the locals already run, and we’ve recently launched travel guides called Strava Local ( that show the best places to run (or ride) in 12 cities including Paris, Amsterdam and New York. Its Top Stops feature also recommends coffee shops or athlete hangouts where you can stop off during or after a session.” MapMyRun ( is similar to Strava in
that it’s a free GPS-based website and mobile (Apple and Android) app that allows members to search for routes all over the world. “Members can search by distance,
elevation and points of interest and then send the route to a mobile device to complete later,” says Chris Glode, general manager of Under Armour Connected Fitness.
“Simply enter how far you want to go and MapMyRun will make recommendations based on runs completed by our
global community of over 34 million members.”

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Ask the concierge about nearby running routes – your hotel may have designed a suitable route for its customers and may even have printed you a handy map.

One of the best things about getting away on holiday is spending more time with your family. Your kids might not appreciate you heading off for a run while they’re itching to hit the waterpark, so let them know your plans and train early in the day so that nothing can get in the way.

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Become a parkrunner ( and you can hitch up with like-minded runners in
nine countries around the globe (anywhere from Australia, to Denmark, to Russia, to South Africa). The format’s the same wherever you go: free timed 5K
events that take place at 9am every Saturday morning. There’s even a name for the runners who make a habit of travelling to experience new ones: parkrun tourists. And if you enjoy alcoholic indulgences on holiday, consider joining the Hash House Harriers (, the self-styled “drinking club with a running problem”. There are about 2,000 clubs in nearly every country on earth (excluding North Korea and Iran!) so you’ll meet running as well as drinking buddies wherever you
travel. Most hash clubs charge a small fee per run.

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