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Read Time:   |  December 11, 2019


Run Your Way is an exciting new partnership between Brooks Running and Women’s Running.

Together we will be supporting eight women with top-quality gear, training advice and nutritional guidance to help them run distances from 5K all the way up to a marathon.

Meet the Run Your Way team

So how does it work? Well, first we needed to find the women to run, and that’s where Leanne Davies, the founder of Run Mummy Run, came in. From her community, she found eight eager participants who all wanted to push themselves further and support each other to reach their goals. 


Catherine and Hannah will be training for a 5K parkrun in August. Follow their journey.





Rosie and Joanne will run a 10K in September. Keep up-to-date with their progress.





Stacey and Connie will run a half marathon in October. Catch up on their training.





Anne and Sarah are training for a marathon in November. Take a look at their journey.


Meet the experts

Our team will be supported with expert advice and guidance. Each of our women met with the experts to learn some basic running drills, and discover the best foods to give them the most energy during their training. All of our women have a Brooks Run Signature, a unique, personalised gait and running analysis, to ensure they receive the ideal pair of shoes to train and race in.


Tina Chantrey
Running coach

Tina is a running coach, author and journalist. She’s also an England Athletics Mental Health Champion and mum of three girls. Tina is Fitness editor of Women’s Running magazine and the author of The Divorce Survival Guide: How Running Turned My Life Around. You can see her on the trails and roads as she continues to prove that you can be competitive in your 40s. Follow what her running group gets up to every week on Instagram.


Laura Hilton

Laura is a nutritionist and mum of three. She’s passionate about instilling healthy habits in her clients’ lives. In helping them do this her clients don’t only become the healthiest versions of themselves, but they have fun along the way. Running has been part of Laura’s life since she recovered from an eating disorder 14 years ago. What started as a way to control her weight, turned into a way that she could have some much-loved time outside being active.

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