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Run at lunchtime

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  November 17, 2014

You can get away from your desk and do a lunchtime run, which will only serve to make you more productive at work, if you plan ahead. Here’s some top tips for fitting in lunchtime running:

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  • Keep a small kit bag under your desk or bring it in on the day you intend to run, so that you know you’ve got all you need to run at lunchtime.
  • Select the day wisely. If you have important meetings or presentations in the afternoon, gently glowing from the effort of four miles in 30 minutes is not a great look with which to confront clients and colleagues.
  • Come to work in your sports underwear, and pack your workaday bra and knickers to change into post-run.
  • Choose sensible clothing to wear. Loose trousers are easy to get in and out of. You can even wear your running shorts under a dress or skirt – more changing time saved…
  • Have a high-carb snack at elevenses (and a coffee will power you out of the office door). Rice cakes with lashings of peanut butter works for me, but a quick straw poll around the office threw bananas, cereal bars, jam sandwiches and nuts and raisins into the pre-run mix. Finish the snack at least half an hour before you get up to run.
  • If your office is several floors up, use the jog downstairs as a pre-run warm up. Once outside, avoid main roads and run laps of the nearest park. Note that brisk recovery runs are well suited to lunch running, because you avoid the sweatiness of hard intervals.
  • After you’ve run your circuit, take the stairs two or three at a time, slowly, using them as lunging stretch opportunities. Continue the stretches while you wash and change.
  • No shower? Use your wet flannel as a face cloth, before giving yourself a soap down while stripped to bra and pants. Towel yourself down and pop on clean underwear and loose, cool clothes. Mend your make-up.
  • On your return, after a big glass of water, it’s lunch al desko: higher protein this time – think sandwiches with tuna or egg, chicken or lentil salads, chocolate milk, yogurt. Spare your workmates smelly, slurpy or overly crunchy foods, and bear in mind your lunch hour is nearly all used up, so no faffing around the microwave.
  • Throughout the afternoon, rehydrate and get up every hour to have a surreptitious stretch in the lavatory. You need to stay limber after this particular working lunch.

Chris Macdonald

Editor-at-Large, Women's Running

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