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Prevent injury: Side kicks

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  May 15, 2014

Prevent injury: Side kicks

Prevent injury: Side kicks trains both sides – great for runners who have a dominant leg and experience mysterious injuries. On your standing leg it will train the deeper stability muscles and on the working side, the outer bum muscles.


Stand on your left leg and hold on to a chair or wall.

Lift your right leg as high as possible.

Bend your right knee to get your heel as close as possible to your bottom.

Repeat the move by straightening and bending your knee.

Complete one set on the right before changing over to the left.

 Be Safe

If you have knee problems don’t bend your knee too much. Stay within a pain-free range. The higher you lift your leg, the harder the muscles have to work.

Chris Macdonald

Editor-at-Large, Women's Running

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