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Marathon Tips: 1 Week To Go

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  April 27, 2017

Marathon Tips: 1 Week To Go

If you’re running the London Marathon this weekend, you’ve probably already been overwhelmed with last-minute advice. However, you needn’t get bogged down in the finer detail – just use your common sense. These tips should serve as a reminder…

  • Reduce your training to just some easy runs, no longer than 30 minutes, with perhaps a little threshold or light fartlek running four to five days before the marathon to keep sharp.
  • Get plenty of rest – don’t choose this week to do all the odd jobs around the house.
  • In general, stick to your normal daily diet, but give slightly more emphasis to carbohydrate.
  • Keep sensibly hydrated. Make sure your urine is clear or light in colour, as this tells you that you’re hydrated.
  • Relax mentally and try to keep your mind off the race. Maybe even start to plan your next goal or target as a distraction for your mind.
  • Look back at all the good training you’ve achieved.

Because you are not training as much as normal, you may feel a little sluggish when running. Don’t worry – everybody feels like this. Your body is now – very cleverly – starting to save energy for the marathon challenge.

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