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Marathon Tips: Final 24 Hours

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  April 19, 2017

Marathon Tips: Final 24 Hours

The hard work is over and the race you’ve been training so hard for is just around the corner. Here’s six things to do in those final 24 hours to ensure you arrive on that start line feeling as fresh as possible.

  • Make sure you have a very relaxed day – stay off your feet as much as possible.
  • Check tomorrow’s weather and then review your clothing and race plan one more time. This should only take moments. Once completed, enjoy your day.
  • Complete an easy jog (ten-15 minutes), just to turn your legs over. It may not feel fantastic now, but you will definitely feel easier as a result in the early miles you take on tomorrow.
  • Graze on carbohydrates and have a number of small meals throughout the day. Maybe even phase protein out of your diet from lunchtime onwards and take on extra carbohydrate instead. The protein won’t help you tomorrow, but carbohydrates will.
  • Keep hydrated but don’t overdo it. Try to stick to your usual routine.
  • Avoid alcohol completely. You can celebrate next week, but alcohol won’t help tomorrow, and it could leave you dehydrated and less likely to sleep well.

Nerves may stop you from sleeping well, but don’t worry. Quality sleep earlier in the week will be the key to marathon success.

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