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How To Start Running

Read Time:   |  January 1, 2018

For anyone new to running, or returning to it after a long break, getting out there can be daunting for all sorts of reasons, physical and psychological. But bear this in mind: as a newcomer, running is just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other slightly quicker than when you walk. That’s it at its most basic. However, there are some things you can do to make the process easier; follow these tips and you’ll fall in love with running.

Get the correct trainers

Invest in a proper pair of running trainers right away. This will make running more comfortable and feel easier. Go to a proper running store, explain you are new to running and get a pair in the New Year sale! Good running shops are there to help.

Don’t go from zero to hero!

As motivated as you may be, running is a high-impact sport and must be integrated progressively into an exercise routine and your life. Start by doing it three times per week or every other day. Have patience – you’ll be a stronger runner far quicker than you might think after making those first steps.

Set a goal

Rather than simply running, set yourself a goal, as this will add important structure to your journey. A brilliant start is aiming to run for 30 minutes continuously – the beginners’ training plan below will get you there.

Select a route

Yes, you want to feel inspired by your surroundings, but initially it is about being safe, sensible and confident. You don’t have to go to the local park or field or be miles from home. You may just choose to use a round-the-block route close to your house. The important thing is to finish the run or run/walk session. Pretty locations can come next.

Pace yourself

Begin as slow as you have to. When starting out with running please run “at the speed of chat”; that is, if you are running with someone (which is a great idea), you should be able to talk to them. It doesn’t matter how slow this may feel or look; the aim is to build fitness and endurance, and complete the run or run/walk on the schedule for that day.

How To Start Running

Be yourself

There is a lot of literature on running technique, but initially just run comfortably, remembering to feel tall and light on your feet. You can work on your technique as you improve. Lastly, remember that most onlookers aren’t thinking, “Who does she think she is?”, but “I wish I was motivated or fit enough to do what she’s doing.” So eradicate the fear of being judged and leave that front door with a smile on your face.

Where to start

Now you’re ready to get going! Simply download our beginner’s training plan here, print it out and follow the listed sessions. You’ll be hooked in no time – trust us.

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