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Hotel room workout

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Read Time:   |  July 21, 2016

Whether you’re away on business or on a family holiday abroad, squeezing in a training session isn’t always easy. This workout has been designed to fit into any time frame – be it five or 15 minutes – and can be carried out in the comfort of your hotel room, so you don’t need to worry about packing the ‘proper’ gear. Plus, if it means a guilt-free Solero, what’s not to love?

Sets and reps: Perform the five exercises for a minute each and repeat this circuit three times.

Chair squat

Muscles: Front and back thighs (quadriceps, hamstrings)
Why do it? This is an easy exercise to tone your legs and burn some holiday calories.
• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
• Bend your knees until your bum touches the chair
• Don’t rest on the chair
• Stand up and repeat the exercise
Watch points: Ensure that you keep your back straight and look forward.

Workout chair squat

 Chair press-ups

Muscles: Chest, rear upper arm (pectorals, triceps)
Why do it? This will tone your chest arms and upper body.
• Place your hands on the front edge of a chair and hold onto the edges
• Bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the chair
• Straighten your arms and to return to the starting position before repeating the exercise
• Ensure you keep your back straight throughout the move
Watch points: If you find this exercise too hard, move your feet closer to the chair and keep your bum piking up to the ceiling.

Workout chair press-ups

Chair plank glute lift

Muscles: Bottom, core muscles (glutes, transversus abdominis)
Why do it? The perfect exercise to tone your bottom and flatten your tummy.
• Place your forearms on the chair and keep your body in a plank position
• Pull your left knee in towards the chair
• Push your left foot backwards and up to the ceiling
• Squeeze your bottom at the top
• Slowly lower your left knee
• Complete one set on the left before changing over to the right
Watch points: If you feel a pinch in your lower back, lift your hips slightly higher.

Workout chair plank glute lift

Chair dips

Muscles: Rear upper arm (triceps)
Why do it? An easy exercise to do anywhere to prevent bingo wings.
• Sit on the edge of the chair with your hands next to your hips and your fingers facing forwards
• Lift your bottom off the seat and straighten your legs out in front of you
• Bend your elbows and lower your bottom towards the floor
• Aim for a 90° angle in your elbows
• Push back up to the starting position
Watch points: If you find this exercise too hard, keep your knees bent.

Workout chair dips

Chair cycling V-sits

Muscles: Core muscles, stomach muscles and back muscles (Transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, erector spinae)
Why do it? Tone your waistline and prevent muffin tops hanging over your jeans.
• Sit on the edge of the chair
• Lean slightly backwards, place your hands next to you ears and lift your feet off the floor
• Rotate your right elbow towards your left knee
• Return to the centre position
• Rotate your left elbow towards your right knee
• Keep alternating between left and right
Watch points: Remember to breathe. If you find this exercise too hard, hold onto the chair with your hands and only move your legs in a cycling motion

Workout chair cycling v-sit

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