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4 Exercises For Faster Running

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Read Time:   |  October 5, 2017

4 Exercises For Faster Running

There’s more to boosting your run speed than just churning out miles or bashing out interval sessions. When time is short, try some simple exercises for faster running – this workout can be squeezed in before a run to get you fired up.

Preparation: Warm up for at least five minutes before you do the exercises, either by jogging, brisk walking or using the stationary bike, the cross-trainer or rower. Ensure you feel warm before you start.

About the session: Move fluidly from one exercise to another, with minimal rest periods.


Exercises For Faster Running sprint Ben Foxall

1. Sprinting on the spot

Build foot speed with this simple move

– Jog on the spot for 30 seconds.

– Sprint for 10 seconds.

– Do this six times.

– When you sprint, make sure that you keep your body upright, drive your elbows back and move your feet quickly.

– Breathe deeply while sprinting and recovering.

Exercises For Faster Running squat lift Ben Foxall


2. Squats with knee lift

Work on mobility and strength at the same time

– Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart.

– Bend your knees and move your hips back to sit into a squat.

– Stand without locking out your knees then, straight away, lift your left leg high up in front of you, keeping your back straight.

– Lower this leg and squat again.

– Stand and lift your right knee in front of you.

– Do this 20 times; 10 lifts on each leg.

Exercises For Faster Running squat jump Ben Foxall

3. Squat jumps – narrow to wide

Boost power in your run with this advanced squat

– Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart.

– Sit back into a regular squat position, making sure your knees do not travel further forwards than your toes.

– Swing your arms and jump out of the squat.

– Move your feet apart in the air and land with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes turned out.

– Keep your tummy tight as this will help you to balance.

– Sit back into a wide squat, making sure your knees stay in line with your hips and ankles.

– Swing your arms to jump out of this position.

– Move your feet together in the air and land with them hip-width apart again.

– Repeat for 20 jumps; 10 squats in each position.

Exercises For Faster Running lunge jump Ben Foxall

4. Lunge jumps

Fire up your legs with a plyometric lunge

– Stand upright and take a large step forwards keeping your feet

hip-width apart.

– Bend both knees to move into a lunge.

– Move your front knee no further forward than your front toe. Don’t allow the back knee to touch the ground.

– From the bottom of the movement, spring off both legs and, while in the air, switch your leading leg.

– Land and move slowly into your second lunge.

– Repeat for 20 jumps, switching legs with
each jump.


Words: Christina Macdonald. Illustrations: Ben Foxall

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