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Core strength: Weighted rotations

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  May 15, 2014

Core strength weighted rotations

Weighted rotations are a great way to tone your waistline. They also help with the natural rotation during the running stride. Make sure you keep your shoulders down and don’t strain your neck as you rotate. Pull in your stomach muscles as you turn and clench your glutes for extra stability.


  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold a weight with both hands in front of your chest, keeping your elbows high.
  • Rotate your body towards the right as far as you can and hold for a second.
  • Rotate towards the left as far as possible and hold for a second.
  • ¬†Alternate between your left and right.

Be safe

Keep an upright position and use slow, controlled movements.

Chris Macdonald

Editor-at-Large, Women's Running

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