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Core strength: V-sits

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  May 15, 2014

Core strength v sits

Core strength: V-sits are the answer to ultimate running balance. The hip flexors work closely with your stomach and back muscles. An imbalance in one of these muscle groups can set off a string of problems, including a trapped sciatic nerve or pelvic dysfunction. Therefore performing this move is essential to continued running bliss, injury free. Enjoy!


  • Sit on the floor with your knees bent, arms next to your legs.
  • Lift both feet off the floor and raise your arms.
  • Lower your upper body while extending
  • your legs.
  • Lift up with control to return to the seated position.
  • Don’t let your feet touch the floor.

Be safe:

Only lower your upper body if you can do so with control, and can lift back up to the top position.

Exhale when lifting up.

Chris Macdonald

Editor-at-Large, Women's Running

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