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Core strength: Plank push-up

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  May 15, 2014

Core strength plank push-up

To conquer the plank push-up is to conquer core strength – this is the ultimate move for muscles. Make sure you keep your  stomach muscles tight and pulled into your belly button while performing this move and your neck straight and towards the floor to avoid discomfort. Think of this exercise as shaping your upper body for your run ahead.


Lie on your stomach on the floor.

  • Place your forearms on the floor with your elbows directly underneath your shoulders.
  • Lift your body off the floor to form a straight line between your feet, hips and shoulders (this is the starting plank position).
  • Straighten your right arm, followed by your left.
  • You will now be in a push-up position.
  • Bend your right arm followed by your left, to move back into a plank position.

Be safe

If the exercise is too hard, keep your knees on the floor and perform the exercise as above.

Chris Macdonald

Editor-at-Large, Women's Running

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