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Charlie Webster’s 10K tips

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Read Time:   |  October 12, 2015


TV sports presenter, Iroman, and endurance runner Charlie Webster is one dedicated fitness fanatic. At 33-years old, Charlie has an incredible running portfolio, having completed an Iroman, over 10 marathons, and a gruelling 250-mile running challenge for charity. Couple that with her impressive CV as a TV sports presenter, model, running coach and charity campaigner, it’s easy to understand why we felt a little in awe of Charlie when we first met her at our WR10K race in Brockwell Park earlier this month.

Charlie will be joining us again on 27 September for the WR10K in Finsbury Park. In preparation for the event, she shares her tips for running your first 10K.

Respect running

“That’s my best advice. I always do, whether it’s a 10K or an Iroman, I respect what I do. But I think a lot of people just skip the training. Make sure you train so that you’re healthy and strong for when you do the race. Make sure you actually train and build up nice and slowly.”

Control the controlables

“Control the ‘contrables’ is something that you can apply to races and in life in general. When I ran 250 miles down the country, I used that mantra when I was going through some dark places.

“If it’s rainy, it’s windy, there’s a hill, or if I’m not feeling great, I can’t do anything about that, but I can control how I react to it. That’s how I approach everything. If I’m really feeling it in my legs, I think, ‘I’m going to turn it around and think I can control it in my head.’”

Mix it up

“My best recommendation for running for anybody is to not just run. Do some strength and core work. I don’t mean pumping loads of heavy weights at the gym, just exercises with your own body weight like simple sits ups, planks and bum exercises, because that’s what supports you when you’re running. I think that’s what a lot of people forget to do and, for me, that’s one of the most important things.

Don’t go off too fast

“Everybody goes off too fast. You’ve got to remember it’s a 10K you’re doing, it’s not a mile. Pace yourself.”


“Smile when you feel out of breath and your legs are hurting. Smiling really lifts you.”

Charlie Webster is an ambassador for Skechers – our WR10K Footwear Partner. If you’d like to run with Charlie, she will be running in our final 2015 WR10K race in Finsbury Park on Sunday. Sign up here.

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