10 reasons to run a Boxing Day 10K

10 reasons to run a Boxing Day 10K

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  December 19, 2016

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We tire ourselves out with excitement for Christmas and as soon as Boxing Day morning arises we realise that actually Christmas is just one day – a day that has been and gone until next year. With the presents no longer under the Christmas tree and the empty bottles of champagne clinking in the recycling box, Boxing Day can feel somewhat empty. Team this with that nagging bloated feeling following Christmas Day’s over-indulgence and you’re officially plagued with the Boxing Day blues. Here’s why it’s a good idea to run off the blues with a Boxing Day 10k.

1.) Keep your training up over Christmas

As our December diaries fill up with every social event under the sun and we give in to one too many mince pies, our training slackens. Signing up to a Boxing Day 10K is a great way off setting yourself a goal to work towards during the festive season – ensuring you keep up your winter training. If you know you’ve got a 10K to run on Christmas day, you might think twice about skipping your mid-week run for a glass of vino!

2.) STOP! Christmas Day over-indulgence

On Christmas day, we scrap every last inch of our diet plan and over-indulgence becomes forgivable. In fact, we more than forgive ourselves – we go a little insane! Of course it’s absolutely necessary to eat a three-course meal followed by a whole block of Camembert and a couple of Ferrero Rochers – why not throw in a turkey roll a few hours after too? With a Boxing Day 10K looming the day after, you’re sure to resist that second helping of Christmas pud!


3.) An event for all of the family

When the excitement of Santa, presents and Christmas dinner over, we often find ourselves stuck for ways of entertaining the family on Boxing Day. Partaking in an event is a great way to get everyone out the house, get your teenagers running and your kids’ cheering you on!

4.) Burn off the Christmas calories

Nothing feels worse than the post-Christmas bloat. That heavy feeling as you trudge down the stairs in the morning and feel overwhelmingly nauseous as you open the fridge and see the last of the turkey. Smashing out a 10K on Boxing Day morning will get rid of the guilt and the cals!

5.) Get rid of the in-laws

What better excuse to wave goodbye to your in-laws than a 10K race that might just take all day? Or least it’s a good bit of respite after a full day in the house with your favourite mother-in-law.

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6.) 10K is the perfect race distance

Statistically, 10K is the UK’s favourite race distance and it’s easy to understand why! Training for a 10K gives you a goal and a purpose, but it doesn’t take over your life, allowing you to still socialise and (moderately) indulge over the Christmas period. A 10K is a great race to push your abilities without shattering confidence, particularly if it’s your first race or you’ve not trained as much as you’d hoped to over Christmas.

7.) Try out your new kit

Getting new kit on Christmas day is so exciting! But when you’re feeding the five thousand and have visitors to entertain it’s ridicuously frustrating not being able to try it out! On Boxing Day you can – it’s your time!

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7.) Kick start your 2017 training

What better way to see in your 2015 training than having just smashed a 10K PB? If you’ve got a marathon or half scheduled in for spring and you’ve got your 10K time nailed, you’ll be sailing into the New Year with a good fitness base to begin your training.

9.) Prepare for festive food round 2!

Who doesn’t eat cold meats, turkey rolls and salad on Boxing Day? It seems to be the tradition in just about every UK household! And when we’re not finishing off the left-overs we’re round at the in-laws for Christmas dinner round two! When you’re sick of the sight of food, a 10K is a great way of making room for more!

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10.) It’s over quickly!

Smashed in under an hour, there’s absolutely no excuse!

Not quite ready for your first 10K? Why not consider a 5k or mile in one of our Race Series races? Here’s the list of races: bit.ly/2gIGgOE

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