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Women’s Running Guide to Surviving Black Friday

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  November 23, 2021

For many people Black Friday is a bit like Marmite – love the deals but hate the mass amount of emails and promotions you have to sort through to find out the best buys.

So, we’ve put our heads together to give you our top tips for navigating this offer-heavy time of year to get the best possible purchases to expand your running wardrobe!

1. Know What You Want

Are you looking for new sports bras, new support trainers, new visibility gear, or something else? Think about what it is you actually want so you don’t get overwhelmed by the multitude of products available. It’ll help make sure you don’t have the post-purchase regret of ‘why did I buy that lampshade when I don’t own a lamp’. Or maybe it’s just us who’ve experienced that problem…

2. Don’t Be Scared To Research

If you know what type of thing you want to buy, then make sure you look at what’s best on the market. Do you need tights? Well, what are the best ones? Take the time to research and pick a handful of options so that when the sale starts you can see if your favourites have had a price reduction, helping you to make quicker purchasing decisions.

Want help? We’ve posted reviews of products throughout the year so check out our gear section to help you make decisions.

3. Check Out Presale Items

Don’t wait until Black Friday to make your purchases. Many brands have already started their Black Friday sales with some great price reductions. Proviz are already offering 20% off everything, Nike has up to 50% off selected items, Reebok has an extra 25% code (EXTRA25) on top of all their current price reductions, and there are many many more available. If you wait then the product you want might have already sold out by Friday which would lead to disappointment if you had your heart set on it.

4. Tune Into Our Black Friday Page

We know it’s hard to find deals sometimes as there is so much going on at once. This year, we’ve listed all the great offers we’ve found onto one page, split by category, to help make it easier for you to find the right deal for you. Look out for our Editor’s Choice on Black Friday promotions, as she’ll be scouting out what she thinks are the best offers out there to share with you.

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