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Why you might need to eat chocolate for breakfast

Read Time:   |  July 20, 2021

Research suggests that having a small amount of chocolate in the morning may help to balance blood sugar in post-menopausal women

Yes, we’re really actually giving you a science-backed reason to eat chocolate for breakfast! A small study recently done at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston suggested that eating a small amount first thing in the morning was beneficial to post-menopausal women.

The women in the study were split into three groups: one group had 100g of chocolate in the morning (within 1 hour of waking), one group had 100g in the evening (within 1 hour of sleeping) and one group had none at all.

After two weeks, researchers found that the women who were eating their chocolate in the morning had 4.4% lower fasting glucose levels than the other two groups, indicating that their blood sugar levels were more stable. The women in this group also reported experiencing fewer sweet cravings through the day, and did not gain weight.

We assumed that this study would have been done with dark chocolate; we’ve all been told that dark chocolate is favourable over milk for its myriad health benefits. But interestingly, this study is one of the first to have used milk chocolate – bring on the Dairy Milk!

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