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How your second-hand activewear can help tackle clothing poverty

Read Time:   |  February 17, 2021

Bamboo activewear company BAM are teaming up with charity Sharewear on their No Wear to Run campaign, helping everyone to have access to the kit they need to exercise

While many of us might have opened our wardrobe to find that we have nothing to wear for our run, usually that’s because the laundry pile has crept up on us, or our favourite trainers are still drying on the radiator. But for some, there really is no clothing or footwear available to them that’s suitable for exercise – stopping them from being able to get outside and enjoy moving their bodies.

According to clothing poverty charity Sharewear, this is the case for 14 million people living in the UK. They’ve just launched their No Wear to Run campaign, encouraging people to donate their second-hand activewear for them to redistribute to those who need it. “In principle, al fresco exercising is free and so should be accessible to everyone” explains Louise Cooke, founder of Sharewear. “But this simply isn’t true for those without basic, appropriate clothing. A pair of trainers or decent shoes for walking; a pair of joggers or leggings; a warm hoody or coat – without these, the outdoors becomes out of bounds.”

Bamboo clothing company BAM are partnering with Sharewear to help make donations easier. When placing an order, customers can request a postage-paid Sharewear recycling bag which they can then fill with up to five kilos of clothing. “As a company, we are passionate about the positive effect of spending time outside, both for the body and the mind,” says BAM Product and Brand Director Helen White. “We also look for meaningful ways to recycle clothing that isn’t just commercial resale. When we heard about Sharewear and the incredible work that they do, we had to get involved.”

Visit BAM’s website to learn more and get your pre-paid bag, or head to Sharewear’s website to find out how to donate directly.

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