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Lower back pain be gone! ‘Explosive elastic’ posture t-shirt hits UK

Read Time:   |  September 12, 2019

French company Percko have released their innovative new design in the UK – a sports t-shirt that uses ‘explosive elastic’ to remind the wearer not to slouch!

Designers Alexis Ucko and Quentin Perraudeau are determined to tackle what experts have called ‘the world’s leading cause of disability’ – lower back pain.

Their new design, which features TENSOR technology that encourages users to manage their posture while also allowing freedom of movement, is now available in the UK. This clever tech applies light pressure to the lower back and shoulders when needed, naturally pulling the body into a more supportive posture.

Health professionals have praised the new idea, considering the fact that 80% of us will struggle with bad pain at some point in our lives and that the majority of these cases are caused by poor posture.

Claire Webster, an osteopath at Rivermead Osteopaths in Chelmsford and member of the UK’s General Osteopathic Council, who tested the t-shirt, said: “A product that is engineered to offer gentle and natural feeling support to hold the body in a better position has the potential to make a dramatic difference to one’s quality of life. The Lyne Up shirt assists in this and does so without limiting natural joint movement or allowing muscles to weaken. It serves as a constant reminder and an aid towards improved postural habits and so could make a big difference to some wearers.”

There are three different Percko tops: the Lyne UP is for daily life, Lyne FIT is for sportswear and Lyne PRO is for manual tasks like gardening or DIY. They’re all available in the UK now and retail at £115 each. You can get 15% off with our code womensrunning on their website.

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