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Worried about training outside? Try this indoor solution

Read Time:   |  March 20, 2020

If you're anxious about going outside right now, there's an indoor training alternative you may not know about...

There’s currently nothing stopping you from going for a run. In fact, based on measures taken by other European countries on lockdown, even in a quarantined environment you’ll likely still be able to go for a run.

On the other hand, we completely understand that some of you may be feeling anxious or concerned about going outside as coronavirus cases increase. So, we’ve been looking at the best ways to continue training inside the house.

First off, you’re going to need a treadmill. As much as we’d like to promise you that running laps around your living room will suffice, it just doesn’t cut it – and trust us, we’ve tried. You can buy your own treadmill here for a relatively reasonable price, but if you’d rather a temporary solution, you can rent one from Home Gym UK for just £14 a week.

If you want to try interactive running, you’ll also need a cadence tracker. If you’re a keen cyclist you might have one of these already – it measures how quickly you put one foot in front of the other. These aren’t too expensive – you can get one here.

Next, download Zwift onto your preferred device. It’ll work with almost anything: a PC, iPhone, tablet – if you’ve got one, then an iPad works best for us. Immerse yourself in the world of their online running community, with plenty of virtual courses set in a stunning digital landscape. You can follow structured workouts or just run for fun – there are running groups to join, races to take part in and even real prizes for clocking up your miles. If you’ve got friends that use Zwift, too, then you can run together in real-time by linking up your Strava profile.

There are plenty of options to stay on plan or keep the boredom at bay if you’re stuck inside. Most importantly, though, Zwift opens you up to an online world of runners that might help you feel more connected during this potentially isolating time.

If, for you, taking good care of yourself or your family means staying inside the four walls of your home then all power to you. But don’t give up on running – it’s more beneficial now than ever before.

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Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Currently training for her second half marathon

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