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Running with your dog? Here’s the nutrition advice you need to know

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  May 23, 2022

If we're running regularly with our pups, we need to make sure they're getting their nutritional needs met. We talk to ORIJEN to find out how...

A survey revealed that two thirds (64%) of us would like to combine our exercise with our dogs more often, with 44% of dog owners favouring jogging with their furry friends.

In the same way that we support our training with nutrition, we need to adjust our dogs’ diet if we’re going to be running with them regularly. But 42% of dog owners admitted that they were unaware of how to do this – us included!

Enter ORIJEN. They make premium dog food based on our pets’ biological needs, and they want to help us exercise with them safely and happily.


  • ORIJEN food recipes offer a biologically appropriate wholeprey diet, which means that they are as close as possible to what our dogs’ ancestors ate in nature.
  • ORIJEN works with a passionate team of animal nutrition scientists and vets to prepare recipes that your dog will thrive on.
  • ORIJEN’s WholePrey philosophy mirrors the foods dogs have evolved to eat, incorporating a nourishing balance of fresh meat, organs, and cartilage or bone in ratios that deliver nutrients naturally.

Exercise nutrition for dogs

For starters, if your dog is doing more exercise by joining you on a run, then they need more good quality calories.

Active dogs also need to get enough dietary protein to fuel their muscles and help rebuild them after exercise.

Want to know more? Visit ORIJEN’s website for more info.

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