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The Women’s Running Podcast has landed!

Read Time:   |  June 2, 2020

And it’s the perfect thing to listen to on your next run…

Running is the one thing that we all like talking about. Every fortnight, we will be having a chat and a cuppa with an incredible woman from the world of running and you can listen right HERE.

We realised that there was a huge gap in the podcast world: a podcast that was about our favourite subject, that was about women, and was also long enough to keep us entertained on our longer runs. We don’t want to listen to blokes waffling on about quads and cadence (we can do that perfectly well ourselves, thank you very much). We want to listen to women who have made a proper difference in running, who have done some incredible running themselves, and who we can have a giggle with. Some you’ll know, and some you won’t – but they’re all utterly magnificent. We will talk to them about all the things that affect us when we step out the door: sexism, hormones, menopause, food, pelvic floors, relationships, mental health. But. BUT. We will also talk about races, PBs, shoes, training, starting running, enjoying running, finding the fun. And quads and cadence.

In our first episode, we have a laugh with Anna McNuff, who we talked to back in January 2020. Most recently she has run over 2300 miles across the UK barefoot, fundraising and raising awareness for GirlGuiding as she went. She also amassed a whole raft of admirers and fellow runners along the way. But this wasn’t Anna’s first adventure: from clambering over Hadrian’s wall (dressed as a Roman centurion – obviously) to cycling through every single state in North American, Anna loves a bit of a challenge. We talk to her about all of that, about adopting the westcountry as her home turf, and about the next adventures she has up her sleeve. She’s funny, she’s brilliant, she runs like the wind, and she’s got the Best Hair In Running (TM).

Click here to listen now!

Check back for the latest episodes, which will be launched every fortnight on a Thursday. Coming up, we have some decent chats with This Mum Runs’ founder, Mel Bound, as well as Susannah Gill, the 777 World Champion. And more!

Let me know what you think, and tell me who you’d like me to chat to. I hope you like it!

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