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Running influencers that will help you live your best life

Read Time:   |  March 12, 2020

Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts that will help to motivate and inspire you

When it’s raining and miserable outside, your legs are aching and you desperately want to stay inside with a big glass of gin, you need a support network to keep you running. Family and friends can be a great help, as can a supportive running club, but we also get a lot of buzz from the online running community. Heck, even just skimming over @limitless_em‘s Instagram grid now is making us want to lace up our trainers. Here are some of our favourite social media influencers that make us feel positive, motivated and proud to be women.

Emma Campbell (@limitless_em)

Who is she? Lovely Emma is a writer, speaker, runner and ‘cancer thriver’. She’s part of the inspirational #CelebrateYou squad, who ran the Vitality London 10,000 last year in their pants, and will be running again this year to raise awareness of the mental health benefits of running. She’s also a mother of four and wife to @soberdave, who speaks beautifully and candidly about sobriety. This month, we’ve been absolutely loving her book All That Followed…
Why should I follow her? If you’re in need of relatable motherhood stories, marathon training updates and a huge helping of positivity, Emma’s your woman.

Dina Asher-Smith (@dinaashersmith)

Who is she? She’s only the fastest woman in the whole of British history! She’s the 2019 World Champion for 200m, with multiple European titles, an Olympic medal and several Commonwealth Games golds under her belt. Dina is a seriously impressive runner and was a BBC Sports Personality of the Year nominee last year. She recently had a Barbie made in her likeness as part of the #Sheroes campaign.
Why should I follow her? If you get excited about athletics, you’ll want to watch her every move. She’s also refreshingly open about representation in sport and encouraging young girls to get active. Off the track, her sense of style is stunning – she’s even graced the cover of ELLE magazine.

Laura Fountain (@lazygirlrunning)

Who is she? This list wouldn’t be complete without Laura. Not only is she a vital part of the Women’s Running team, she’s also an excellent running coach with plenty of useful tips and tricks on her Instagram. She’s a great advocate for women’s equality in sport and works with #RunEqual to push for equal race distances in cross country (she wrote a brilliant piece for us earlier this year about it).
Why should I follow her? If you’re after a nice balance of well-written motivational content and light-hearted life tips then you’ll love Laura’s Instagram. Plus, her coaching is invaluable, and she shares a lot of this wisdom with her followers.

Deborah James (@bowelbabe)

Who is she? Deborah is a writer and podcast host as well as a keen runner and member of the #CelebrateYou team. Her take on living with cancer is honest, different and, at times, funny – you may have heard her talking about it on the You, Me & the Big C podcast, which she co-hosts. She’s also a mother and is currently training for the Virgin Money London Marathon.
Why should I follow her? Deborah is so boldly herself that she should serve as an inspiration to us all. Her Instagram profile is a reminder that, although it might not always be easy, we are all capable of such a lot.

Emma Kirk Odunubi (@emmakirkyo)

Who is she? Emma is a running coach who also happens to know an awful lot about a shoes. She’s a seriously strong athlete, but with a feed that inspires rather than alienates the average runner. Emma also works with Under Armour and can regularly be seen showcasing their gear.
Why should I follow her? Her workout videos would benefit us all – she’s constantly demonstrating safe and effective ways to build strength. Her #TrainerTuesday clips are seriously useful – you can find anything from advice on different lacing styles to new shoe reviews.

Becca (@thisbunnyruns)

Who is she? Becca uses the @thisbunnyruns account to encourage other people to get active, following her own journey battling obesity to become a regular runner. She’s currently documenting her training for the Staffordshire Ironman triathlon and is an ASICS frontrunner.
Why should I follow her? Becca loves the outdoors and shares lots of pictures of her runs and cycle rides that are bound to make you crave some outside-time – perfect motivation. She’s a great companion, regularly updating her followers on her progress, which makes us feel like we’re on her team. She’s a shining example of a woman who isn’t afraid of adventure.

Charlie Watson (@therunnerbeans)

Who is she? A registered dietician and cookbook author, Charlie is also a keen runner with a number of big races under her belt. Her recipes are often featured in Women’s Running magazine and her book Cook, Eat, Run has become our go-to nutrition guide.
Why should I follow her? You’ll love Charlie’s Instagram if you want healthy recipes from a real runner who talks honestly about hunger and fulfilment. Bonus content: gorgeous travel photography and a very cuddly dog.

Helen Thorn (@helenwearsasize18)

Who is she? You might recognise Helen as one half of the Scummy Mummies. She’s wonderfully body positive, breaking the stigma that runners have to be skinny or they’re doing it wrong. Her Fat Lot of Good podcast is essential listening for all women, big or small.
Why should I follow her? Helen will have you roaring with laughter one minute and then doing a big cry the next. She’s a great advocate for women supporting other women and is the relatable running pal you’ve always wanted.

Shareefa J (@shareefa_j)

Who is she? The gorgeous Shareefa is a model and presenter as well as a #CelebrateYou team member. She champions mindfulness, fitness and meditation and is currently training for the London Marathon. She also speaks openly and intelligently about the racial discrimination she’s faced in the modelling industry.
Why should I follow her? If you like big smiles, endless positivity and honest conversation then it’s a no-brainer, really. She’s a much-needed face in a sea of identical-looking Instagrammers and her running journey has been really exciting to follow.

Kelly (@kellogs_ontherun)

Who is she? Kelly is an ultra runner and type one diabetic, sharing her running stories and encouraging others to do the same. She’s also a mother and has been documenting her pregnancy and now her postpartum experience.
Why should I follow her? For her honest take on motherhood and marathon training, as well as some excellent race reviews.

Bryony Gordon (@bryonygordon)

Who is she? You’ve probably heard of Bryony Gordon by now. She’s a successful columnist and podcaster, an author and a self-proclaimed ‘wearer of the wrong knickers’. We’ve followed her running journey for some time and it’s been an emotional one that’s led her to running the London Marathon again this year. She recently set up @mentalhealthmates to beat loneliness and improve people’s wellbeing.
Why should I follow her? You need Bryony’s reminders to exercise for your mind, not just your body. She has no time for trolls, is unapologetic about who she is and writes beautifully about running, living and being a woman.

Fly Girl Collective (@flygirlcollective)

Who are they? The Fly Girl Collective was founded by Matilda Egere-Cooper to challenge the status quo and increase the visibility of black and minority ethnic (BAME) women in sport. The community helps women to connect, grow and develop through fitness with a tribe of likeminded people.
Why should I follow them? The Fly Girl Collective serve as a great reminder of the importance of intersectional feminism. To see these BAME women thrive is inspiring. Not to mention, their feed is full of gorgeous photos.

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