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What we can do to support BAME women better

We support all women who want to run, and we need to think hard about how we do that

Watching Blackout Tuesday unfold, and discovering just some of the stories that have finally been given the space they deserved, has brought us up short. We have always wanted to be representative, and to support inclusivity, but we know that we can do more.


We want to live in a world where there are no barriers to women running, but we are painfully aware that those barriers exist. We see ourselves as a sisterhood, and with that in mind, we want to ensure that all your voices are heard.


We do what we can – which is never enough – to promote diversity and inclusivity in Women’s Running: but we want to do more. To that end, we will be considering more carefully than ever the imagery that we use and the people that we talk to, to try to ensure that we are inspiring for all women, regardless of ethnicity, ability, disability, age or sexuality.


And if you feel that we aren’t stepping up, that we aren’t using our position wisely, and that we aren’t supporting the women that need supporting, tell us. We want to be better, to represent you better, and to continue to be a sanctuary and a support for all women who run or who would like to run, everywhere.


Talk to us here, or at womensrunning@anthem.co.uk. Tell us when we get stuff wrong (and right); tell us what we can do to better represent BAME women, and let’s talk about how we can support all women to run better, without barriers and without prejudice.

Happy running.

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