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Mag sneak peek: getting your racing confidence back

Finding it tough getting back into running after the pandemic? Experiencing social anxiety at the thought of rejoining parkrun? Lisa Jackson shares some simple DIY relaxation techniques that will have you hot to trot in no time

Coming out of lockdown can feel like you’re starring in a zombie movie: our old way of doing things has been replaced by a new, unfamiliar and sometimes scary reality. Things we took for granted – parkrun, hugging running buddies (or air kissing them to avoid the transfer of sweat!), travelling abroad to participate in foreign races – were all ripped away from us in one fell swoop during th pandemic and it can be hard to adjust to a new normal that’s so incredibly different to the world we knew before.

Yes, some runners took lockdown in their stride, setting themselves fitness challenges and running marathons on their balconies, but for many of us, lockdown was a time when we reduced our daily step count due to no longer having to commute, and self-medicated with food and alcohol as stress and anxiety were at an all-time high.

What this means, as we contemplate returning to parkrun or entering races again, is that many of us are suffering from a crisis of confidence. We may fear that we’re too out of practice to take on a race, or that not having raced for a long time may make chasing a time goal unrealistic. Or we may feel nervous about running with others again due to social anxiety, which may prevent us from joining or going back to running clubs.

The good thing to know is that hypnotherapy can help with all these things: it can help you lose weight, achieve time or distance goals, overcome anxiety and more.

What follows is an explanation of how hypnotherapy works, a step-by-step guide to practising selfhypnosis plus three simple hypnotic techniques runners can use at home.

While they’re not a substitute for consulting a hypnotherapist, they’re effective self-help tools you can use to rev up your running mojo. We also answer some hypnotherapy questions along the way.

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