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Is this the best running club in the world?

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I might be a tiny bit biased, but I think that Women’s Running is the very best source of running advice and inspiration out there. Every month, we cram the magazine and the website with advice, gear, interviews and in depth features to inspire all women to run the best they can. And through our lovely website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we love to talk to you and offer any help, advice and motivation you need to get out there in the first place.

So all of this is wonderful. But the thing is, we wanted to make it more wonderful: we knew we were part of something big: every day we get to talk to thousands of happy, joyous, brilliant women, and we wanted to offer you more than just a subscription to a magazine. A subscription is great – you get the magazine delivered to your door every month and nothing, not even a lockdown, will prevent that from happening.

But we want you to feel part of something. And we want to give something back. So we thought really hard and we came up with Women’s Running Plus.

Tell me more…

Women’s Running Plus is membership to the best running club there is. Why? So we can support you, and give you all the tools you need to be a better runner. And what are these tools? I’m glad you asked.

  • You get the magazine. Yep. That’s our brilliant magazine, worth £4.50, delivered to your door every single month. No queues, no searching the shelves, no dog-eared copies.
  • You get FREE access to over 100 digital issues of Women’s Running, plus each new issue as it’s published in the Women’s Running Digital Magazine Archive.
  • You get a free month’s membership to Move GB’s Move At Home, with access to hundreds of on-demand classes you can do from the comfort of your home.
  • You get 15% off This Mum Runs merchandise – and it is proper LUSH, and I’m not just saying that cos they’re from Bristol. Beautiful leggings, tops and accessories you actually want to wear over and over again.
  • You get 25% off membership to Girls Run The World, the world’s only female specific training platform for runners and triathletes. Or 10% off pay-as-you-go standalone programmes.
  • And there’s more stuff too: like 10% off all back issues, whether that’s Women’s Running, or our other titles such as Planet Mindful and Vegan Food & Living. And members-only videos that we won’t share with anyone else. And more treats, we promise, along the way.

Amazing! What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Membership costs the same as our old print subscription: that’s less than a tenner every three months. Bear in mind that the magazine has a cover price of £4.50, and that a month’s membership to Move is £8. And also remember that you’ll also receive 10% off all our back issues, 15% off This Mum Runs merchandise (have you seen their new leggings…?), and 25% off membership to Girls Run The World – all of which is worth a big chunk of change. Let alone all those digital back issues going back to 2012.

So there’s all of that, but there’s something much more than that too: there’s membership to our brilliant club filled with wonderful women. Women just like you. You can join in the running and health conversations with our all-killer no-filler newsletter The Edit, enjoy members-only workout videos, and talk to me and the team on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And we are working hard to add more treats and discounts and happiness every single month, so your membership will just get better.

Eek! I’m already a subscriber!

Well, aren’t you lovely? The great news for you is that you get upgraded to Women’s Running Plus automatically: you don’t have to do a thing, and you don’t have to pay a penny more.

Is it a no-brainer then?

Um, yes. Seriously, brilliant runner person: it’s a tenner. A bit less than a tenner, in fact. And you’d spend almost that if you bought Women’s Running from the shops twice. And then you’d have two copies of a genuinely awesome magazine, but that’s it. Join us and become part of something special; we would love to have you with us.

Happy running!


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Esther Newman

Esther Newman

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