Inside the May 2022 issue of Women's Running - Women's Running

Inside the May 2022 issue of Women’s Running

Author: Neha Baveja

The May issue of Women's Running for 2022 is out now! Here's what's in store...

In the May issue of Women’s Running, we’re concentrating on the best bits of running: the world it can open up for you, and the recovery in-between. So first of all we take a proper break (but we take our running with us) as we explore all the different kinds of running holidays you can take advantage of this year, and some of them start from as little as £15!

We also look at the science behind our recovery, and how we can all sleep, eat and move better between our training to ensure we get stronger and fitter – even if we aren’t running. We also take an in-depth look at those amazing athletes who never seem to get injured to find out their secrets and to see if we can apply their gold dust to our own running.

All of this, and the latest spring kit to get excited about, the best races to sign up to, and the very latest advice and inspiration to get your excited about your next run.

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Here are the highlights…

WARRIOR: GB athlete Adelle Tracey shares how running has helped her manage her dyslexia

RECOVERY: Everything you need to do in-between your running

KIT: Shoes, shorts, bras and nutrition

INJURY: The secrets behind the runners who never get injured

INCONTINENCE: How we can all protect our pelvic floors for the future

HOLIDAYS:The very best running holidays you can book right now!

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