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Inside the April issue of Women’s Running

What's inside this month's issue of Women's Running?

A lot has happened since we sent our latest issue to the printers, and we’re all living very different lives – albeit temporarily. We remain positive in the face of uncertainty, and our April issue is a celebration of our positivity. So while the London Marathon has been postponed, alongside all other spring marathons, be inspired to continue training for those new autumn dates with this issue. Running is the one thing we can do, after all! Here’s what you’ll find inside the April issue of Women’s Running:

Our warrior this month is the gorgeous Shareefa J: model, influencer and running advocate. She tells us all about running the Vitality London 10,000 in her pants (oh, the bravery!) and shares her mission to promote diversity in the running world and beyond. You’ll want to be her running buddy, trust us – she’s brilliant.

We’ve also packed our April issue full of beautiful gear that we’ve tried and tested throughout winter and spring. Jackets, belts, hair care, socks and portable speakers are all put to the test – and most of them are available online if you’re tempted to invigorate your running over the next few weeks.

If you’d told us in January that the London Marathon would be postponed until October we would have had a right old chuckle. If you’re feeling more like a cry than a laugh right now, take some comfort in the words of the inspiring women who contributed to our marathon feature – from Kathrine Switzer to Charlotte Purdue, their advice is useful year-round.

Our April issue also brings a brand new columnist and we’re really, really excited about it. The exceptional Anna McNuff will regularly be bestowing her wisdom upon us all – plus, we’ll get to hear all about her adventures since she finished crossing Britain barefoot.

Look out for our no-fear triathlon training plan to keep you busy, tips to improve your form and avoid injury and, just in time, a guide to running with your children (we can’t promise bribery snacks aren’t involved).

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