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How to run when you don’t want to

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  June 16, 2014

How to run when you don't want to

How to run when you don’t want to

Hands up if you ever get that feeling of ‘I don’t know where to start’, or even ‘I REALLY don’t want to do this – but I have to’? How did you get past those feelings and get running? We asked you what gets you up and out of the house when you are feeling lazy or stuck in a running rut. 

Jeanne Boyd I remind myself that I’ve never come back from a run and thought ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’.

Francesca Bostock There is only one way. You have to lace up your shoes and start jogging. Once you start you might as well carry on and once you carry on it becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Lily Susan Davies I always think about people who are unable to get up and run because of disability or illness and who would probably give anything to have a go…..this makes me feel appreciative of the fact that I have the freedom, choice and health to get up and have a go ….  my daughter had cancer at 17 and now at 22 she has epilepsy….she is my inspiration. 

Remind yourself how far you have come

Joanne King I entered Race For Life last year and set myself a goal to run the entire distance. Did a run/walk training plan to build up being able to run for 30 mins continuously. The rest is history. And when I’m having an off day, I remember how I couldn’t run for one minute and now run for over an hour!

Vicki Brown I have a three month old baby and keep seeing bill boards for Leeds 10K which make me want to do it. All of your comments have given me more inspiration so I guess I just need to go get my trainers on….

Karen Rosenthall You just got to get out there, start walking and then the running comes. Your biggest critic is yourself…overcome that and then you’re flying!

Visualise how you feel after a run

Laura Stroud I have arthritis in my feet and it was really painful, was told not to do high impact stuff. Entered a 17K walk last October primarily to support a friend with MS ( she did it too!) . Was expecting my feet to kill me after, but they didn’t they felt so much better like they enjoyed the exercise. Simply being able to run is all the motivation I need and a goal to aim towards.

Nikki Madden I remind myself how I feel after a run vs how I feel when I don’t. Then that gets me fired up to run more’

Carrie Schneider I personally think about the past and never returning there again!! Lace up those shoes and run on!!!

What to do before your 10K

Think about how lucky you are

Tina Costanza I tell myself (borrowing from those inspirational posters), ‘There may come a day when you will no longer be able to run. Today is not that day.’

Agnieszka Luff I think about all progress I made so far and how great that makes me feel. And then I am ready to go again.

Kath Currie Yep this morning! I had an 18K run scheduled as part of my first half marathon training, 2K than the longest I had ever run and I was feeling tired and achy before I even put my runners on! But then I remembered why I am doing this race, my baby daughter died in July last year and I’m running the race in July this year in her memory, and I want to do her memory proud… So I’d better just suck it up and get out there and run.

Avoid a much harder session next time

Jo Wilson By telling myself it will be even harder next time if I don’t GO NOW! Always pleased I went by the time I get back. Best wishes to all.

Lee Li Er I’ll ask myself, which will you regret more; staying home and being a lazy bum or lacing up your shoes and pounding those pavements? Usually I’ll end with the latter

Tamara Jo Fuligni I tricked my brain by saying, OK, if you don’t want to run, don’t, but while I’m saying this I’m putting on my running duds and just going through the motion ’till I’m out the door! Then I feel SSSOOOOO much better that I got out there and did it!

Compression socks

Trick your brain into running

Jayne Bennett Best thing to do is to make yourself go running in the extremes of weather, hot, freezing, downpour, that way every other run there will be no excuse. If you managed it in extremes then you can manage it on an ordinary day.

Claire Pugh Best thing I did to improve my motivation was join a club. It’s great running with other people, there are always events to look forward to, and it’s nice to celebrate your successes with others .

Sharron Mulcahy Sometimes when you don’t feel like going its the best ever run you have had in a long time.. When it’s over you are glad you did it. When I feel like this I leave my Garmin watch at home and just take in the sights, sounds and views around you and the fresh air and my mind seems to think of other things and before you know it you back where you started at home.

Leave the Garmin at home

Deborah Colquhoun That’s what I do, start with a walk, it soon turns into a run as your body just has this way of taking over and if it doesn’t then least you’re still getting a good walk in

Alison Hart I started having migraines, and nothing would alleviate them, not even prescription medicines. I was tired of being confined to a dark room for hours at a time. One day when I sensed a migraine coming on, I felt this urgent need to get up and move, as if I needed to run away from it. So, I went for a run. And it made my migraines go away. I’ve been running ever since. Training for my third marathon now! Silver linings. 

Chris Macdonald

Editor-at-Large, Women's Running

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