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Squeezing in the miles

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Read Time:   |  October 27, 2015

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On a high from the road race last month I had great plans for training in the few remaining weeks till the GSR but, as so often happens when ones makes plans, seemingly everything cropped up to destroy them. Work went crazy and Jorja had to rehearse five nights a week till 5pm for the school play, so that left me on the treadmill Monday through Friday. I managed to run three nights a week for 30-40 minutes in a good time and got off feeling relaxed, which is always a good sign! This meant weekends were now family run time Saturday morning with Jorja and Sunday with Morgan Rhys.

Running with Jorja has been a quick outing, fitted in while tea is cooking, its usually about three miles and is fast paced (well as fast as I can go without dying) and has given her a confidence boost for the Junior GSR on Saturday. On our last run (17 October), we did sprint finish and…I almost beat her!!

Morgan Rhys? Well what a turnaround! We actually manage to talk now! Mainly about rubbish but we do and it makes such a difference. On Sunday we managed eight miles in 1hr 12mins and, a part from a little cramp in my toes, I felt really good so am feeling positive about next weekend. We seem to be on target for a 1hr 45min finish, which would be amazing, but anything less than two hours and I will be happy. During our run I gave him a run down on what to expect from the race. I reminded him to pace himself and not to get drawn into other people’s races. Ten miles is a long way, especially if you have overdone the first few miles. He doesn’t like to drink when he is running but I told him to take a Lucozade when offered as he will need the sugar hit. I reminded him to thank those that cheer you on, not only the marshals but those who line the streets offering moral support and a much-needed glucose hit by way of sweets en route. It is their way of being involved.

Mine and Morgan Rhys’ numbers came last Tuesday which made it real, and Jorja’s t-shirt came on Friday so she became all too aware of how close it really was.

This week I have a short run planned with Jorja probably Tuesday and we are going on a family run on Thursday, nothing strenuous but a gentle jog to relax.

So plans are made and we are as ready as we can be; I just hope the mild weather holds which will make for ideal conditions.

Last words before the big day? Good luck to all running…enjoy. I will see you at the finish line.

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