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How to be Hip & Healthy

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  June 24, 2014

How to be Hip & Healthy

How to be Hip & Healthy

Sadie MacLeod is Editor of Hip & Healthy – an online luxury health and wellbeing magazine and stylish online shop. She can be found tweeting @sadiemacleod The entrepreneur tells Women’s Running how she juggles building her exciting business with a growing baby  bump and shares her top running tips and unusual running-related engagement proposal…

I’m an early bird – so I am often up at the crack of dawn I’ll quickly knock back a glass of water then head out for a run. This is probably my favourite time of day as everything always feels so peaceful, plus it is the only time I really get to clear my head and think about what we’ve got coming up that day. Then I’ll whizz back home to have a healthy brekkie with my hubby, which will often involve a green juice of some sort much to his despair.

I’ll be straight on my phone, checking emails, after breakfast We often get orders over night (late night internet shoppers – thank you!) – so I like to check them all out. I’ll then head into the office and spend the day in meetings and talk to our brands and edit copy that comes in for the content side of our site. Come evening, I’ll try and get to a yoga class or see a friend, or if I am being really honest…watch Made in Chelsea (I’m addicted). Followed by a shower and then bed! Heaven.

Fitness used to be uncool in the UK Hip & Healthy started out as an online luxury health and wellbeing magazine designed to inspire readers to adopt a healthy and happy lifestyle. At the time of starting it there really wasn’t anything like it in the market and we wanted to turn that around by writing cool content about even cooler brands that were making a difference in the health and fitness industry as well as posting healthy recipes, reviews and even fitness.

I lived in LA and Hong Kong where the outdoors is a way of life Everyone takes pride in their workout wardrobe so we decided to bring a bit of this vibe (as well as some of the stylish brands that created it) to the UK in the form of our active wear store. It is now as chic to be seen in a pair of uber cool fitness leggings at brunch as it is to don a pair of the new Sophia Webster for J Crew Shoes (Google if you are not yet savvy to these gorgeous creations!) Looking forward we want to provide both quality active wear and content to our readers and customers to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.

If you look good you tend to feel good too There is nothing like a new tank top or pair of trainers to motivate you to go for that run!

I genuinely love working out (sickening I know) Especially running. I love working out so much that since I have been pregnant I look at all the wonderful runners and gym-goers with total envy! Having said that we all have our off days and I have been known to occasionally ditch my trainers in favour of something a little bit more relaxing, like a House of Cards box set!

Sadie MacLeod

You never regret a workout That’s what I was once told by a guy who ran 66 marathons. It’s so true – I have never left a gym feeling worse than I did walking in. That thought motivates me.

I have stopped running since falling pregnant I do still do exercise but not nearly as much or as intensely as when I wasn’t pregnant. I tried to continue running but only really got as far as week 20 before feeling really out of breath and just not like myself anymore so I have stopped that entirely now. I try to get to yoga once a week and I also go to a maternity fitness class, which is based entirely around the bosu ball, it’s hilarious but good fun and makes me feel great. I have also started swimming – although this is more of a faff so I don’t do it nearly as much as I probably should.

I was never the sporty one at school at all – quite the opposite I shied away from gym class, hated lacrosse with a passion and was in the fifth team for netball. I was terrible with balance, hand eye coordination and speed – and I still am. It wasn’t until University that I found running and just fell in love with it. Suddenly, here was a sport that I could play on my own terms, judged by no one, go at my own pace. I entered races but was never competitive – the only person I was trying to impress was myself and that just felt really good. I cannot wait for that first run post-baby.

My favourite running route is the Two Bridges as it is known where I live in Fulham. That is the Hammersmith Bridge and Putney Bridge and following the river on both sides.

Sadie MacLeod 2

My husband proposed to me as we were running My best running memory has to be the one in which I got proposed to by my gorgeous husband. It was in the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. He dropped to one knee in the lemon grove garden after about 7K. I was a sweaty mess but didn’t care one bit.

My fitness goal is to get fit for giving birth But as soon as that has happened it will be all about getting my pre-baby body back!

I wear Nike Trainers to run – always I love our new LIJA Swirl Run Pants which have a great reflector and feel great on longer runs where other leggings often fall down (quite literally). Plus a bright tank (we have a few from Track & Field) as it is so important to stay noticed when running in the city!

My best post-run treat is a thick and creamy smoothie of some sort – often containing oats, banana, rice milk, spinach and a heap of other super foods! Blended with ice… drool.

Running is a time to think about everything Work, love, friends, family, food… everything. In fact – sometimes I like to listen to a informative podcast so that I also learn something and it makes the time go so quickly.

The best piece of fitness advice that I have been given is? ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’ – something that you can actually relate to all walks of life – not just fitness.

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