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Running junkie: ‘Never look back’

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Read Time:   |  June 26, 2014

Running junkie: 'Don't look back'

Name: Kimberly Sharp, 26

Job: Graphic designer


Running status: Marathoner, not a beginner not an elite but experienced enough!




My signature running style is a comfy sport bra with a loose fitted tank and some dry fit shorts Sometimes when it gets too hot, I’ll take off my shirt and just run. I always carry my Nike + sport watch with me. For the gym, I’ll wear leggings with a comfy loose tank. Lastly, you always have to have the right pair of shoes for running and going to the gym.

When I run I think about my training and how I have to push myself in so many different levels Sometimes I don’t think at all but sometimes when things get tough I think about my son. I been through a lot and running has saved me, to be patient and go forward.


My running top tip is to never look back, keep forward Add in hill runs, cross-training, yoga or even trail hill-running to add speed and flexibility in your training. Going to the gym and adding muscles really enhanced my performance as a runner. Also adding yoga to the routine such as stretching or working on poses, helps with flexibility and motion.

My favourite running quote is… ‘Pain is temporary, it may last for a minute, an hour or a day or even a year but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit however, it will last forever.

kimsgarpdipsMy post-run treat is to munch on a protein bar or a shake After a race, I’ll down water like there’s no tomorrow and munch on a bar. For cheat day, I’ll probably grab a bag of hot chips (because I love chips!)

My inspiration comes from Ryan Hall and Deena Kastor These are two incredible individuals who have heart and passion for this sport. When watching them run their races, it’s truly remarkable and exciting!

My favorite running route would be at my local park Santa Monica Beach, Eaton Canyon Trails, or Santa Fe Dam (Bike Route). I usually stay around my area but I like to explore my options and see where I’ll run next.

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