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Running junkie: Heather Wells

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Read Time:   |  June 18, 2014

Running Junkie: Heather WellsName: Heather Wells

Job: Parole Officer for the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Tweeting @hwells2284

Instagramming @hwells2284

Running status: I still consider myself a beginner runner. I have been running for the last year and this month I start training for my first full marathon – the Chicago marathon


My signature run style, changes depending on the season Right now I usually wear Brooks shorts, a tank, my Brooks Ravenna shoes, and my Nike watch. I never run without my Ravenna’s or my watch, the rest is not set in stone.

I run to clear my head Whatever issue I have going on, is what’s on my mind on my run. I work through stress or work related issues on my run, often times if you pass me you may hear me talk out loud on occasion.

Run the mile you are in is the best tip No matter how far you want to go on your run, the first mile is the toughest so don’t give up until you get past it and then from there take it mile by mile.


My mantra is simple, make time to run No matter what is happening I carve out a little piece of time to get away and run.

My best quote is by Kara Goucher ‘That’s the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is.’




My best post run treat… A yummy latte with whipped cream!

My running heroine is… Deena Kastor, an American long distance runner. 

I live in a rural area so there are tons of routes I love to take My favourite route  is an hour from where I live at a lake and I go run it every chance I get! 

I started running a year ago and after a year of hard work I am training for my first marathon I just want to tell anyone who is starting out to take it slow and hang in there… progress takes time but is so worth it!


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