“Running every day keeps me awake!” - Women's Running Magazine

“Running every day keeps me awake!”

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  October 12, 2015

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Scottish born Jenni, 39, is currently training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon, amid juggling her busy life presenting an early morning radio show on Heart and raising her young daughter, Ella. She lives in London with her husband, James. Christina Macdonald catches up with Jenni about her running and it’s ability to keep her awake in the morning!

You’re currently training for the Royal Parks Half. What do you love about this race?

I love the fact you get to run around London in green areas. We have so many beautiful parks. I’ve done it four or five times and it’s been gorgeous weather each time. I had to pull out last year due to an injury, as I had an inflamed piriformis and it was too painful to run.

You live in London. Do you prefer to run on grass or in urban settings?

I don’t ever really run on grass. I work in Leicester Square about eight miles from home, and I run back home from work every day. It’s all road.

Do you get recognised when running in London?

I don’t really notice. I finish work quit early. I’m running by 7am and I tend to be running the opposite way to the London commute.

Do you get very much sleep?

I average about five hours sleep a night. I get up between 2am and 2:30am every day and I get to bed about 9:30pm. I’m fine at getting up but the only way I can stay awake in the morning is if I exercise after the show. So I run home or to go a bootcamp. If I
don’t do something it’s a downward spiral for the rest of the day.

How important is it to you to run with music?

I like running with music, but I don’t have to. But if I’m doing a long run like a marathon then sometimes music will take my mind off the pain of the distance. I listen to Spotify quite a lot and you get a constant updated mix of music. Are running gadgets important to you? I have a TomTom watch that is brilliant for monitoring distance, time and speed. It’s really important during a race as I like to know what pace I’m running at and not go too slow or too fast.

Let’s talk about marathons. You’ve done five now. Has every single one been London?

Yes it has, because I live in London and can get to the start line quite easily. I have sometimes been working on the morning of the marathon so I do my radio show and then go straight to the start line. It’s one of the best marathons in the world. Tell us about your previous marathon experiences. I did my first marathon in 2009 and I was pretty clueless. I turned up and ran and got 3:53. I did it the following year and trained with a brilliant running coach called Karen Weir who knocked me down to 3:31. I then had my
baby and I have pretty much got a 3:53 ever since. I would love to get 3:30. But my priorities have just had to change.

You’re an ambassador for the P20 Love Our Parks Campaign which encourages people to stay safe in the sun and apply sun cream. Have you ever been sunburned while running a marathon?

The first marathon I did in 2009 I was going straight from the marathon to the BAFTAS and I was paranoid I would get burned so I wore a t-shirt to not get any strap marks. I plastered sun block on my arms and face. The P20 sun protection I use is really
good for running because you just put it on once and it doesn’t come off. I make sure I always use sun protection.

Have you become a better runner as you’ve got older?

Maybe you’re more focused and maybe you have more stamina. I know the only way I can improve is by training harder and looking after my diet. I love my food and it’s hard to cut things out!

For more information on P20, the once-a-day sun protection, visit p20.co.uk

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