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Run Your Way – Marathon

Read Time:   |  June 25, 2019


Meet the marathon team!


Anne Slater

Anne is 34, from Westbury in Wiltshire. She started running just over five years ago when her youngest child was six months old. Within a couple of months, she’d signed up to the Bath Half Marathon, and completed it the following year. She likes road running, trail running and a bit of canicross as well. She is looking forward to running with Sarah, and helping her gain a sub 4 hour marathon.

Check out Anne’s progress: @Anne.slater.14


Sarah Kaminski

Sarah is 37, originally from Northern Ireland, but now lives near London. She started running at school at 13, and completed the London Marathon 11 years ago. However, she admits she didn’t train very well and wants to attack the same distance now with more training. Running makes her happy and allows her to forget her worries.

See how Sarah’s training is coming along: @sarah_runs4fun