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Raising money for a vital charity

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Read Time:   |  June 29, 2015


For twenty four year-old Ella Gould, running the WR10K Race Series at our Southampton event this weekend means much more than running her first ever 10K. Having gone through the heart-rending experience of seeing her mother, Jackie, diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease eight years ago, Ella decided to take on the WR10K Race Series to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society.

Ella’s mother continues to live with the disease and is now in the late stages. “It’s difficult to see the person you love and care for unconditionally suffering with the affects of such an awful and distressing illness,” says Ella. “But the victim is my mum, she is the one who has endured the deterioration.”

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Ella first began to notice changes in her mother when she started to find daily tasks much more challenging, such as cooking dinner and getting dressed. “These tasks were much more time consuming and it was clear this was quite stressful for her,” explains Ella. “Over time she became very reliant on family and close friends to assist with these tasks, but understandably, it was very difficult for Mum to accept that she was losing her independence.”

To support Jackie’s daily needs, Ella and her family decided for Jackie to have the assistance of live-in carers. However, as her health slowly deteriorated, Ella and her family decided that it would be in Jackie’s best interests for her to be cared for in a home equipped for her needs. “As there is no cure, we can only do so much while watching this process happen,” says Ella.

However, over the last two years, Ella has become a keen runner, and is now focusing this passion on supporting the work of Alzheimer’s Society, and their research into finding a cure for this debilitating disease. Ella trains hard at the gym and runs twice a week, covering between three and five miles. “I want a good quality of life and physical fitness is a major part of that for me,” says Ella. “Running also enables me to completely de-stress, which is perfect on a sunny evening after a long day at work!”

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Entering the 10K is a new challenge for Ella. Keen to achieve a good time and, vitally, raise as much money as she can for Alzheimer’s Society, Ella has been training hard, while doing as much fundraising as possible. “I have not run this distance before,” says Ella, “so I am keen to train hard to achieve a good time, for an even better cause. This is doing something I really enjoy, but with a purpose: raising money for a vital charity.”

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