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Powering through!

Read Time:   |  March 15, 2019

50-year-old mother of three, Glasgow-based Carol Martin tells all about her running journey.

Do you remember your first race? 

It was a 5k in Glasgow. I remember it being very hard, but I did run a decent time. It was the only 5k I’ve raced – I quickly moved on to 10ks and half marathons.

What was your most recent race? 

The four-day Ultra Tour Monte Rosa 170k race with 11,300m elevation last September. I was injured but determined to complete the event, which had been my main focus before I discovered I needed surgery on my Achilles tendon.

What race result are you most pleased with? 

My 2014 (95-mile) West Highland Way Race, which I completed in 22hrs and 48 mins. I really wanted to finish it in under 24 hours. It was pleasing to start and finish the race on the same day.

Where is your favourite place to run? 

I love running off-road, particularly in the hills. Close to my home I have the Kilpatrick Hills, Mugdock Park and the West Highland Way and Dumgoyne Hill – they’re all amazing places to run.

What’s your next race? 

I had surgery on my Achilles’ tendon in March 2018 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. I have further surgery planned but hope to be back training in March this year, which will allow me to complete the Lakeland 50 at the end of July. If I recover well, I am also tempted to enter the Lairig Ghru Hill Race in June.

What’s your favourite piece of running kit? 

Probably my ultra vest, which allows me to carry all the kit and snacks I might need during my long runs.

What’s your favourite pre-race meal and post-race treat? 

I love pizza for both pre and post-race meals – plus crisps and chips!

What is running to you?

For me it has always been a way to de-stress and it allows me to spend time either alone or with my friends, clearing my mind.

Carol Martin has just turned 50. She lives in Bearsden, Glasgow, where she works in a bank in a specialised role preventing money laundering. She is mother to three boys, aged 23, 20 and 18. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, but that hasn’t stopped her completing the epic 170k Ultra Tour Monte Rosa in the Alps. And she has plans for plenty more big challenges.