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Podcast: Running and Mental Health

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Read Time:   |  February 1, 2017

Podcast: Running and Mental Health

Tina Chantrey opened up about the mental health challenges she’s been through last week in a brand new podcast series entitled “Breaking Free”, hosted by WiSP Sports Radio. The show focuses on mental health issues and some of the challenges sports women have had to overcome in order to train and compete successfully. Tina draws on her own experiences of grappling with both postnatal depression and anxiety, the latter developing as a direct result of a long and difficult divorce. She talks about how running has been the cornerstone of her recovery and the crucial role it played in enabling her to be the best parent she could possibly be while going through some extremely painful and turbulent times. She shares advice for those going through similar experiences – and also for those who are grappling with mental health struggles more generally and are in need of an outlet. Listen here:

This is a WiSP Sports Radio Production at www.wispsports.com.

Like what you’ve heard? Tina will be releasing a book, The Divorce Survival Guide, in the spring. Stay tuned for more information.

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