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Read Time:   |  October 21, 2015

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At the age of 30, Hannah Philips from Merthyr Tydfil wrote a list of 30 things she would like to achieve before the age of 31. In-between “go Zorbing” and “sing karaoke”, Hannah wrote “run the London Marathon” and a little further down “write a book”. While, admittedly, the former could be ticked off in the space of the day with little effort exerted, the latter pose a somewhat bigger feat. However, with book publishing ticked off the list as her new book, No Run Intended, sores to the top of the Amazon charts, Hannah’s goal of running her first 26.2 miles in the inaugural London Marathon next year couldn’t seem a more achievable feat.

However, if you read the first page of Hannah’s book, you’ll see that Hannah Phillips would not describe herself as a natural-born runner or even “a runner” for that matter. The welsh-born mum and support worker is keen to clarify that she is not “one of those athletic, sporty looking people.” Yet while, in her young years, she may have been “bone idle” with a bitter loathing of PE, it’s safe to say that this has very much changed over the last few years. After mistaking her reflection for someone else’s on a night four years ago after gaining weight, Hannah decided that something had to change. And on that cold evening that she first decided to lace up her trainers, she not only became a runner but an author too.

After missing out on a London Marathon place four years in a row, Hannah decided that she would write a book of her running memoirs to fund a charity place with Bliss, a charity working to provide care and support for premature and sick babies and their families, while inspiring others to run in the process. Hannah’s funny, relatable and hugely inspiring book is aimed at women like her, who thought they’d never run, discovered they could run and how life changes when you do run.

Upon its release in eBook form on Amazon on 3 October, No Run Intended bulldozered into the charts and is now selling 100 copies a day. We caught up with Hannah about the book and her journey to 26.2 so far.

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When did you first start running and what inspired you to start?

I started running about four years ago, after mistaking my reflection for someone else’s on a night out in Cardiff, because I’d put so much weight on! So, I dug out a pair of trainers and left the house in the dead of night, wearing Scott’s balaclava on a pilgrimage to run the whole of Merthyr Tydfil. I managed one lap of the field by my house before panting my way back home.

At the age of 30, you wrote a list of 30 things you’d like to achieve before the age of 31. On the list was running the London Marathon and writing a book. What inspired these decisions?

The book evolved from a little blog I used to keep that documented my trial and tribulations while running. The fitter I became, the more a marathon seemed possible and London feels like the big one doesn’t it? After four sorry magazines from the ballot I decided that this would be the year I’d be running London, whether London wanted me or not, so I applied to run for Bliss.

Give us a quick summary of the book.

The book is a funny, honest but relatable read that tells my running journey. And although, fundamentally, it is my story, I think anyone can find something in there to relate too and I mean anyone! It’s not a how-to but a what-if and an honest what-if too.

The book has had an amazing response since its release earlier this month. Were you surprised by the huge amount of sales?

Never in a million years did I think it would do this well. Sales have slowed down slightly now but it’s still top of the charts and it’s still getting five-star reviews, so to say I’m overwhelmed would be a massive understatement.

What is your fundraising target for the VMLM?

£2500! And I’m only up to around £150 at the moment so I need to get my skates on! I should mention that all of the money raised from No Run Intended will go towards my target.

Why the charity Bliss?

I wanted to run for Bliss because their ethos is to care for babies born too small, too soon or too sick and, having gone through the misfortune of multiple miscarriages, I felt it came under the bracket of babies born too soon. Bliss do amazing work and just this week published a study that reveals just how stretched and under pressure neonatal units are.

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 Have you started your training for the London Marathon? If so, how is it going?

 Yes! Its going…slowly but surely, literally!

Do you have a target time/race goal for the London Marathon?

I’d love to do it in under four and half hours, but I really want to savour every mile if that makes sense, so just getting around will be an amazing achievement in my books. (No PUN Intended!)

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to take up running but doesn’t feel they are not ‘sporty’, ‘fit’ or ‘thin’ enough?

Do it! In the wise words of Nike, Just Do It!

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