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Jessie J: ‘I’m not a natural runner’

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  May 28, 2014

Jessie J not a natural runner

Jessie J: ‘I’m not a natural runner’

Sport has always been the thing that I wasn’t great at It is exactly what you need to hear when you’re in a moment of doubt.  Just because I’m an artist and a singer and I’m confident doesn’t mean I don’t still need to be told. Stop talking about it, stop complaining about the cellulite, or that you’re not able to run fast enough for the bus… just do it.

I’m somebody that just gets on with it Since I was young I’ve always had to push through health problems, then obviously I broke my ankle two years ago and I’ve had to come back from that with not much time – while working on my second album and having a life!

I was Sporty Spice at school and now I’m friends with the real Sporty Spice! I don’t know how good I was, or if my technique was ever right, as I just had such long legs, but I was always doing 100 metres, or hurdles. I loved running about but I have a heart condition, which I found that out when I had a race with my family, running across Epping Forest.

I have a very, very rare heart disorder It’s basically an irregular heartbeat. But I didn’t let me stop me, ever. When it happened I actually carried on working a lot. A LOT. More than I should have done. It happens to me when I’m tired or when I’m exhausting my body. But the only way you can get over it is to make your heart stronger.

Life isn’t just about one thing, it’s about balance When it happened, people said ‘Gosh you’re going to need to get better to do shows’. But it’s not just that. I needed to get better to be a mum one day. I need to get better so that I can run round the park with my kids.

I’m not a natural runner but Ellie Goulding inspires me I’m friends with Ellie and she’ll be like ‘I’ve just done a 10K run’ and I’m like ‘Why would you do that? How do you just do that?’ But I will do that. I will do it. I want Nike to help me love it! I want to learn. And I want to see the benefit of it.

I think my Fuelband’s going to explode People say to me ‘How do you say so fit and slim?’ and I say ‘I never stop working when I’m on stage and that’s my fitness’. At the end of a show my fuelband will be like ‘YOU HAVE DONE SEVEN THOUSAND STEPS’. I know I could be fitter than I am.

I am a squat queen, I am the Squeen My cardio is actually great – I can run on stage constantly for an hour and a half. Up until now I’ve just been training by myself at home, and I tend to do it in short bursts, things like jumping jacks or glute kick backs.

When I’m tired, feeling a little low, I’ll work out It energises me back to life. If I’m feeling a bit ‘urgh’ I’ll go outside and run around, just to get my heart pumping. Sometimes I feel awful just before I go on stage, and I get off and I’ve just an hour and a half work out up there – I feel way better than I did before. I think that you don’t know that’ll happen until you just do it…

I’m not just Jessie J. There’s other roles I play I need to be about health and strengthening. I’m a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a friend. And I need to be as fit in those roles as I am as Jessie J.

Exercise helps my music and music helps my exercise It’s like a circle. I could not be me, as an artist and musician, if I wasn’t fit. But I’m not naturally into that. That’s the honest truth. I have to find things that fuel me to do it.

You train because you don’t know what you’re doing I want to be honest that I’m not doing this because it’s natural to me. I want to challenge myself. I know so many people – even friends and family – who say, ‘I’m not going to go to the gym because I don’t know what I’m doing’. That’s why I’m saying, ‘That’s why you train. Go and ask. Go and learn’

I don’t care what I look like Girls really worry about looking crap when they’re exercising but if you go on my instagram you’ll see… no make up. I don’t care. This is what I look like! I’m not attached to my hair either, I sold that for a good few million.

My sportswear wardrobe is tight and high-waisted For now, I like splashes of colour – a pop of colour on the trainers is fine, and a nail that matches. I see some people and think, ‘Woah, you want everyone to look at you’. But I could get to that point, where I want people to see me run. Maybe in nine months I’ll be wearing glittery bra and knickers with a diamante Nike swoosh!

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