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I’ve started to run – what next?

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Read Time:   |  October 16, 2014

I've started to run – what next?

I’ve started to run – what next?

Laura Byrne may be a sports PR but she is also a complete running novice….until now. We at Women’s Running have asked Laura to not only start running but to bravely blog about the highs and lows for all the world to see. adidas will support Laura’s goal to morph into a runner by the Reigate Half Marathon in September. This is Laura’s second blog post…

Running was intimidating – until nowSo now that I’m officially a ‘runner’, I may as well look the part. I’m really into sports luxe style for the office and weekends so was quite excited to have a legitimate reason to buy some new kit.

Before getting immersed in printed leggings and neon crop top shopping, the first thing to do was get myself down to the London Marathon Store for a gait test. The test basically assesses your movement with the aim of matching trainers to your style, to help you run more efficiently and potentially avoid injury.

Put yourself into slo-mo

At the Liverpool Street store, the lovely Jason checked my feet and ankles by sight, captured them on a specialist stills camera, and finally put me on a treadmill to record slow motion footage of the way I run. Apparently my ankles roll in slightly (over-pronation) when I run, which medium support trainers should correct. My response to a few different types of adidas trainers with varying support was then tested, with Energy BOOST coming out on top.

There are lots of running shoes on the market, with different technology providing different benefits, so selecting the right pair is a bit of a daunting process. Comfort is key and the Energy BOOST shoes gave me the right mix of stability and cushioning. The technology also returns more energy than any other shoe, so I’m looking forward to racking up the miles in them!

Determine your running style

From a quick Google, gait analysis is available in lots of sports shops across the country, so whether you’re a new runner or not, it’s worth taking the quick 15 minute, free test before your next trainer purchase to help you be as efficient as possible.

Trainers sorted, I then spoke to friends about what’s hot in running style at the moment. Apparently it’s all about bold neon brights, crops tops, and layering from the sports bra upwards. When I go the gym (and in life generally) I genuinely feel like I do better when I look half decent, but I’m also aware that I actually need products that help rather than interfere with my run.

A pocket is essential for running leggings!

I already own some of adidas’ Climachill range which uses aluminium cooling spheres and titanium yarn to regulate body temperature while training. Even from my first few runs, it’s clear that these little things make a big difference. As well as looking good, I want clothing designed to keep me running – kit that won’t distract me by falling down, riding up, or making me hotter than necessary. I’ve also found that a pocket in leggings essential for carrying my phone/keys/bank card so I don’t have to carry them in my hand the whole way.

It’s these three elements combined: style, tech and functionality that are key to choosing your running style.

Laura can be found tweeting @LauraEByrne

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