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“I want to run the 10K to raise money and awareness”

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  June 29, 2015

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Rachael Glanvill, aged 30, from Milton Keynes is running our WR10K Milton Keynes race in July for Alzheimer’s Society. Seeing her stepfather, Stuart, diagnosed with early onset dementia, aged 56, and having since faced a fierce struggle to secure the day-to-day care he needs, Rachael Glanvill was determined to do something to increase the care received by for those living with the condition. “I want to take on the 10K run to raise money and awareness,” says Rachael Glanvill, “so that people like my stepdad do not have to fight to get support.”

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Stuart was diagnosed with early onset dementia in May 2014, causing him to retire from his job of 14 years as a primary school teacher. Losing both his job and independence, Stuart now requires regular financial and social support. However, failing many battles with the local authorities, he and his wife, Carole, who works full time, have been unable to secure any regular support. “Stuart and my mum as a carer, have, to this day, still not secured any regular support due to Stuart not fitting criteria,” says Rachael.

Stuart’s dementia has had huge impact on all aspects of his life, particularly as such a young victim of the disease. “There are not many groups available for younger people,” explains Rachael, “and as he can no longer drive, transport is an issue for him to be able to access any groups. To see their struggle as life changes has been hard for our family as a whole.”

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An avid runner as part of the Redway Runners Running Club in Milton Keynes, Rachael Glanvill saw the WR10K Race Series as the perfect opportunity to fundraise for Alzheimer’s Society. Rachael started running last year after losing weight with Weight Watchers. Falling in the love with the sport, Rachael became a regular at her local parkrun and now regularly runs with her club. Her passion for running also came hand in hand with a keen interest in health and nutrition. Now a Weight Watchers leader, Rachael runs a Weight Watchers meeting every Wednesday evening at her local church in Milton Keynes. Rachael looks forward to running in the WR10K in July and is hoping to raise as much money as she can for Alzheimer’s Society. “I wanted to raise money while doing what I love,” says Rachael, “and the WR10K Race seemed like a positive, friendly race.”

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