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Leanne Davies: Life at Run Mummy Run

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  May 28, 2014

Run Mummy Run founder Leanne Davies with kids

The Run Mummy Run community was never meant to be a business It started from my passion for running and wanting to find like-minded women to share it with. It grew naturally and organically and this is still what drives it forward, I still sit up late many nights and just chat to the girls on our Facebook group because I enjoy it on a personal level. Run Mummy Run was born out of a love of running and it remains to grow because of that.

My working day starts with social media I engage with the community on Facebook and Twitter, respond to e-mails, update the website and add blogs or other relevant information or articles. Every few days I will manage the merchandise stock levels of our colourful compression socks – placing new orders, designing new clothing, researching ideas and costs.

Every week is pretty manic but so varied and exciting We get approached by many businesses in the running industry who want to talk with us so a lot of time is taken up by meeting people face to face and finding out more about them. We also arrange social events for our members. Luckily I have the help of our events partner Cassie who is fantastic, we run the events side together and its great fun working alongside her. On the odd occasion I’ll be writing for a magazine, a paper or even appearing on TV as I did last week. I generally work until 3pm, pick up the children from school and then when they go to bed I continue with my work. I’m enjoying every minute of it and still have to pinch myself when I think that this is now my job, I feel so lucky.

It feels strange without exercise in my life I first started running when I met my husband Guy. He was running some half marathon races at the time and inspired me to put my trainers on and give it a try. I have been into keeping fit from a young age when I first started dancing, it then moved on to aerobics, spin and gym based workouts when I hit my late teens. I never stopped after that.

My dream running route is around the wine lands of South Africa
The vineyards are beautiful, it’s so lush and green everywhere and the mountains and landscapes are like nothing else. The country is just stunning, I love it. My favourite running route has to be the long route that leads from the beaches of Playa Blanca in Lanzarote along and up the coastal path. On my last holiday I used to go out at dawn as the sun was rising and have the most amazing runs watching the sun come up over the beautiful sea. These are some of my best memories of running, ever.

I cried as I finished the London Marathon in 2008 The day was perfect. I ran the whole 26 miles without any problems and it felt amazing crossing the finishing the line. It was one of the most emotional moments I’d ever experienced. My running goal is to complete the Paris Marathon that I have just entered. I think the city is stunning.

I get the same trainers every time because I over pronate My trainers are Saucony Omni 12’s; they suit my foot and allow me to run in absolute comfort – I love them. My Garmin is fantastic as well, I never realised how much my running could improve until I got one. Apart from wearing a lot of my own Run Mummy Run kit, I also wear Ronhill running clothes. I love the fit; they are very flattering and do loads of great colour matches.

Saucony Omni trainers

Bobbi Gibb ran Boston disguised as a man – she is my heroine In 1966 after applying for the Boston Marathon she received a letter refusing her entry saying women were not physically capable of running a marathon. So on marathon morning she hid behind a bush at the start line and joined the race as the gun went. She dressed like a man so she wouldn’t be noticed. She finished with an ‘unofficial’ time of 3:21:25. She was the first woman known to complete the Boston course (unofficially). She didn’t want to race the men; she just wanted to prove to herself that she could face the distance. Courageous, determination and believing in herself she succeeded and proved that women were capable of so much more than they were ever given credit for. So inspiring.

My head is overflowing with ideas after a run I never plan to think about a certain subject, the run decides it for me. I sort out problems in my head, I think about my family, re-live experiences I’ve had and normally dream up new ideas for Run Mummy Run. Running is amazing for clearing your head and allowing you to focus on one thought without the hustle and bustle of daily life. Give me a scenic or inspiring route to run and I normally have to come in and write down ideas I’ve had as my head is overflowing with them.

Run Mummy Run enables women to be confident
It is a safe community for women to discuss personal, sensitive and private issues related to running in a completely safe environment. Our Facebook group is a closed group and we ensure that every single request that comes in is a valid one before we accept it so that we don’t have any unwanted guests on the page. The community and the girls in it all support, encourage and motivate each other and in turn this creates a wonderful sense of confidence and empowerment for our women making themselves and the world that surrounds them a happier one.

Busy women find it hard to get to running clubs Having a virtual club like ours has been a great way to ensure they are still mixing with like minded runners and having that sense of belonging even if it is in a virtual sense. A lot of our women end up meeting local running buddies through our community, we just provide the starting point on Facebook and Twitter.

My boys see me in my running gear every day so it’s the norm to them I have two boys. Samuel is five and Oliver is two and a half. Neither has said much about me running. Oliver does like to put my trainers on and walk around the house. I hope at some point in the future they might take an interest. It would be a dream come true to have them run alongside me one day.

Olympic marathon runner Liz Yelling hosted our Facebook Q&A Shesaid that, ‘it’s better to turn up to a race with slightly underprepared running legs than ones that are overworked and tired’. She was teaching our girls not to let anxiety creep in at the tapering stage of training and to trust in the training you’ve done. Brilliant advice.

Running inspires people to do great things, to live life to the full, that is why it is so special It’s great to know that I have something in my life that I enjoy and at the same time I am boosting my overall level of health. I feel through running, my sons see a positive role model, showing them the importance of being fit and healthy. I love the self-belief, confidence and positivity it gives me. It changes the way I look at life and react to things; it gives me a different perspective. I love the friends I have met through running and the wonderful people I talk to in the running community.

If I was sports minister for the day I would plough funds into sports centres I would love to fund sports and learning centres for children and young people where they could come and take part in sports whilst learning valuable life skills. The centres would teach them to believe in themselves, inspire them and help them reach their full potential. Children are our next generation so we need to help and guide them to find the right paths. I think sport is a brilliant basis to start from.


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